One Thing To Celebrate Every Day

One Thing To Celebrate Every Day

One Thing To Celebrate Every Day - Panoramic sunrise

We often forget to celebrate those things that come to us easily – life, our strengths and so much more.

This is simply a reminder that your life is a glorious gift, in the best times and the worst times. How bored would you be if everything went right all the time…lol!

Think of all the synchronicities that came into being for you to be conceived, born and then survive until now. I love this Buddhist quote, it brings this concept to life.

“It is not easy to be reborn as a human being. It is rarer than for a one-eyed turtle, who rises to the surface only once every hundred years, to push his neck through a wooden yoke with one hole that floats on the surface of the wide ocean.” – Buddha Shakyamuni

When it comes to what really matters, what makes you laugh, what makes you cry, what makes you grieve, what makes you yearn, what makes you delight and rejoice. We all share the same heart. It is really so simple, isn’t it? One Thing To Celebrate Every Day

Experience the things you truly value the most. Spend time doing what lifts you up and brings you, love. Listen to the response of your true self and let your truth guide your next step and then the next and the next. It will make you feel such humility, gratitude and joy to know that you are living the life you are born to live. Without burdens, without extra weight. Just being yourself.

“Our freedom lies in remaining open continuously, not only to life’s changes but also to the divine light within us & others.” – Peter Santos



Taking Back Your Power

Taking Back Your Power

Taking Back Your Power- Young happy woman with backpack standing on a rock with raised hands and looking to a valley below

Talking with many people over the years I learn time & again that transformation comes from one thing – when you are Taking Back Your Power

“When we align our thoughts, emotions and actions with the highest part of ourselves we are filled with enthusiasm, purpose and meaning. When the personality comes fully to serve the energy of it’s soul that is authentic empowerment.” – Gary Zukav

What this means to me is when you use your personality in alignment with what your soul came to earth to do. There is no one more powerful than you are.

When you embrace the power you have over your own intentions, thoughts, beliefs and actions you automatically have power over everything in your world. That internal power comes from taking responsibility, staying awake, being aware, living in your truth.


Self Development

Self Development

Self Development – 3 Secrets To Creating Real Lasting Energy

Self Development - Young happy woman with backpack standing on a rock with raised hands and looking to a valley below

To be at your best, move between spending energy and renewing energy.  Learn more about the dynamics of energy and simple ways to boost your energy and increase your well-being. – The Ohio State University

I am now talking about the most important subject of your life – Energy.

You may not have realised it but it is.

Energy is the base of everything.

It drives all the biochemical reactions in your body. Without it you are running on one spark plug rather than four. NO energy for life, yourself, your children, your passions, your partner, your mission in life.

Life becomes a draining experience. You need to dig deep just to survive. An adrenal depleting, soul sucking way to live.

I want YOU to flow with energy, life to become easy.

Less time in overwhelm, more time in joyful creation.

So, think of energy as a MUST rather than a should.


Life Coach Mount Eliza

Life Coach Mount Eliza

Life Coach Mount Eliza – A Successful and Fulfilling Life – What Are The Essential Components?


Life Coach Mount Eliza – For me, the measure of a successful life isn’t your job title, the size of your house, or the beautiful things you can afford. True success is living the life that is authentic to who you are. It’s living fully and fulfilling your true purpose on earth while embracing joy.

To find true happiness, you need to define success by what holds real meaning in your life — relationships, making a difference, living authentically or perhaps having freedom. I can almost promise you that if you chase after the next best thing, you’ll be disappointed. After the short-term thrill, you will be let down once the newness wears off.

A fulfilled life has a combination of meaning, love, security, productivity and happiness; it is not only a good life but a pleasant and a meaningful one. – Huff Post


Life Coach Mount Martha

Life Coach Mount Martha

Life Coach Mount Martha – Self-Love – What is it? 20+ Ways to Make It Happen


” Self-love requires you to be honest about your current choices and thought patterns and undertake new practices that reflect self-worth.” ~Caroline Kirk

Life Coach Mount Martha – Self-love – what does it actually mean?

Well, it is more than just pampering ourselves with bubble baths, pedicures, and cucumber masks?

It is about being present in mind, body and spirit, stepping into my own power, meeting your own needs rather than relying on someone else to meet them. You are responsible for your own happiness.

Self-love is about filling up your inner tank. You can only love others as much as you love yourself. Self-love is not a destination it’s a practice. It is the foundation upon which we build a happy life.

Rake it from this Life Coach Mount Martha, without self-love, we have nowhere to put the love or abundance that comes to us.