Naturopath Mount Martha

Naturopath Mount Martha – Who am I?

Naturopath in Mount Martha, mother, pharmacist, wife, body boarder, adventure seeker, comedian, camper, gardener….I’m Julie Smethurst and I’m really passionate about guiding people on their path to better health and well being.

Whilst I have a pharmacy background, I’m not interested in just administering you a pill! In fact, it’s why I’ve moved away from pharmacy in recent years, so I can offer clients comprehensive solutions that empower them to look after their own health on many levels – body, mind and spirit. My vision is to provide a holistic solution to your health problems, not a quick fix from a bottle.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not anti-mainstream medicine.  There is definitely a place for it.  I just prefer to help people via natural means if possible; helping before the presenting symptoms turn into big problems that you can only now manage is key.  Diagnosing people and helping them in the early stages of ‘unwell’ can reduce the impact on their long-term health, not to mention our Medicare system!

I deal in wellness, doctors deal with disease.



Naturopath Mount Martha

Why do I do what I do?

After 10 stressful years of working long hours as a pharmacist, I encountered my own health problems. It gave me a wonderful opportunity to practice the advice I had been giving out for so many years. But it only partially treated the symptoms and didn’t get to the real cause. So I decided to play around with the food I ate, my lifestyle habits and a few supplements. Great results! I wanted to find out more and here I am now….doing what I love and what works!

With the combination of pharmacy and naturopathy, I am able to really listen to you and provide you with options, tools, plans, and expectations for your needs.

I can help decipher the medical jargon and provide a mixed integrative approach or deliver a totally natural one. You decide.

So let’s work together to transform any health issues you have. I am passionate about good nutrition and lifestyle. I love to inspire and tailor advice to the individual. I’ll help you feel better emotionally as well as physically and even share some of my tastiest recipes with you!

It makes all the difference in the world to your partner, your children, your parents and most importantly you, if your body and mind are functioning at their best.


Naturopath Mount Martha Qualifications

  • 1989 Bachelor of Pharmacy (Sydney University)
  • 2000-2010 Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy (Endeavour College, Melbourne)
  • 2010 Foundations of Natural Fertility Education (Wise Women Business, Melbourne)
  • 2011 Healthscope Functional Medicine Conference – Hormones, liver detoxification & nutrigenomics (Melbourne)
  • 2011 Sports nutrition (ATMS seminar, Melbourne)
  • 2011 Australian Association of Consultant Pharmacy Conference (Gold Coast)
  • 2012 Biology becomes your biography – Metagenics (Melbourne)
  • 2012-13 Robbins-Mandane Strategic Intervention & Life Coaching Course
  • 2012, 2013 Iridology signs update (Toni Miller), Gold Coast
  • 2013 Point of Care Screening & Pathology Testing seminar, Melbourne
  • 2013 Body signs & symptoms seminar, Melbourne
  • 2013 Don Tolman 3 day Nutrition Bootcamp, Gold Coast
  • 2013 Clinical Advances in the treatment of Digestive Disorders, Melbourne
  • 2014 Chronic, Fatigue, Fibromyalgia & Pain Syndromes, Melbourne
  • 2014 Practitioner Only Detoxification, Melbourne
  • 2014 Unleash the Power, Tony Robbins, Sydney
  • 2015 Health Masters Live, The Natural Thyroid Masterclass
  • 2015 Prescribing alongside Pharmaceuticals for Better Patient Outcomes, Melbourne
  • 2015 Date With Destiny, Gold Coast
  • 2016 Pain, Inflammation & Immune Driven Conditions, Melbourne
  • 2016 Cardiovascular Disease & Current Treatments, Melbourne
  • 2016 Functional Psychiatry: The Biology of Emotions, Melbourne
  • 2017 Cellular and Systemic Bioenergetics: Effective Solutions for Clinical Fatigue, Melbourne
  • 2017 Methylation:Putting New Science into Clinical Context, Melbourne
  • 2017 Mastering the Microbiome, Melbourne