3 Ways to Kick Your Sugar Cravings or Addiction for Good

3 Ways to Kick Your Sugar Cravings or Addiction for Good

Struggling with sugar cravings or is it an all-out sugar addiction? You’ve decided it’s time to slay the sugar monster.

I see it often, gorgeous people like yourself, deciding to take the stand to dial the sugar meter down and the health meter up. After all, you want to enjoy your life and retirement, not have your wings cut by health issues and crazy travel insurance premiums from ill health.

What does being 65, look like for you? I do know you can’t buy your health back. Time to put a preventative framework in place.

Ok….now you’ve made the declaration, “I’m not eating sugar anymore”! Almost instantly you can’t get sugar out of your head and you’re sabotaging yourself all over the place….petrol station, supermarket, coffee catch up..

How did this happen? Firstly, your brain, god and your subconscious doesn’t hear don’t. All they hear is what you say after it.

Never, ever make a declaration in the negative. Like, ‘I won’t eat sugar anymore’. Instead, say ‘I will eat mostly vegetables, fruit, meat, nuts and seeds for the next 30 days’. Ahhh….that feels better already! Not even a sniff of the word sugar in that declaration. It sounds doable and sustainable……and dripping with success.

Now you’re focused on vegetables, meat, fruit, nuts and seeds. Time to clear the house out of everything that isn’t in those food groups, such as lollies, chocolate, soft drink, alcohol (yes it’s a sugar) and refined grain products, such as bread, cakes, doughnuts, pasta.

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Antidepressant Dilemma. Do I go there? What are my options?

Antidepressant Dilemma. Do I go there? What are my options?

Losing your shit? Swinging from depressed to anxious to moody and generally can’t think clearly?

Not sure what to do? Or you’ve visited your local doctor out of desperation, now you’ve got a piece of paper with an antidepressant written on it.

I worked for 20 years dispensing those anti-depressants and people weren’t getting any happier. That’s why I jumped the counter and now I’m offer empowering, long term solutions as a naturopath, that clean up at the beginning and not the end.

Consider this concept before you go any further…..did you know your gut affects your mood? Ever heard of the gut-brain connection?

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8 Questions To Ask Yourself When Anxiety Strikes

8 Questions To Ask Yourself When Anxiety Strikes

Heart pounding, dry mouth, rising heat, doom gripping you in a vice…..we’ve all experienced these feelings….it’s anxiety.

Sure, there’s all shapes and sizes, it can come and go quickly or hang around like a bad smell. Maybe the intensity is ramping up or it’s happening way to often for your liking and at times for no apparent reason.

Yes, anxiety can be the result of unhealthy thought patterns, disempowering meanings and poor focus. But, it can also come from our biochemistry. And we can have multiple things going on at once.

So, if anxiety’s striking way too often and it’s out of proportion with the trigger or for no apparent reason. Here’s eight questions to ask yourself:

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Create Your Own Mandala Art Workshops with Celebrity Artist Nathalie Dadian

Create Your Own Mandala Art Workshops with Celebrity Artist Nathalie Dadian

Just back from creating my first mandala……I’m hooked! And I’m a stick figure drawing kinda gal.
Thank you to the gorgeous Nathalie Dadian for her knowledge and passion that coaxed that inner artist out to create a magical painting that has such meaning to me.Nathalie first started mandala painting after the sudden death of her husband ten years ago. It enabled her to heal.
Now she’s passionately painting personal mandalas for Susan Sarandon, Ellen Degeneres, Prince Albert II of Monaco and many more.

But if you can’t afford the thousand dollar plus price tag for Nathalie to create your personal mandala, why not let her guide you to create your own for under $300 (including materials).
Come away with a beautiful canvas or stool that records your experience and that you’ll savour for years to come. Suitable for adults and children, with one date in the July 2017 school holidays.

Mandalas are amazing transformational and one of a kind beautiful art that evolve on the day.

Combine all this with Nathalie’s passion for all things French, like Bastille Day, crossiants and red wine and you’ve got an amazing one off experience right on the mornington peninsula…..who’d have thought!
She just loves Mornington’s coastline it reminds her of her seaside hometown in France.
Now all that’s missing are some French men….ohhh lala!

Nathalie is offering 10% early bird discount off all workshops until 3rd July and numbers are limited.
We may only have her for a short time before work committments in London and France draw her away.
So seize the opportunity!

CLICK HERE for Mandala Art Workshop (full day) details and bookings – Sunday 23/7/17  9.30am-5pm (Early bird $260 until 3/7/17)
CLICK HERE for Mandala Gratitude Stool Workshop (half day) details and bookings – suitable for kids & adults – Friday 14/7/17  9am or 1.30pm  (Early bird $100 (child), $160 (adult) until 3/7/17).

“It’s better to look back on life and say, “I can’t believe I did that,” than to look back and say, “I wish I did that.”

Contact Nathalie on 0417 546773 or email info@blossomger.com for any queries.

Much love Julie xxx

PS. Here’s the link to Nathalie’s facebook page Mandalas of the World for more inspiration.

10 Cold-Fighting Remedies From Grandma

10 Cold-Fighting Remedies From Grandma

You know the feeling when a cold’s brewing – sore throat, stuffy nose, tight in the chest, energy drops.

Just want it all to go away, so you can get on with living……now you’re secretly wishing you’d etched grandma’s sure fire concoction to memory…. it really worked.

Well, I’m hearing you.

Here’s ten ingredients your grandma would’ve used. Try one or many.

And remember, use these tips in addition to a whole food diet. Plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, nuts, seeds, legumes and fish, seafood and meat (if you’re not vegetarian) to help my body repair quickly. It’s fundamental for a strong immune system and being able to bounce back after being sick.

Here’s ten food hacks (sourced from grandma’s all around the world) to annihilate that cold pronto:

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