Love vs Fear

Love is an essential ingredient or intent to making changes in a sustainable way.

This could apply to how you prepare food for yourself, exercise, mindset, relationships…..

Check in for a moment.

What areas in your life do you action with love?

What areas are driven by fear?


Do you need help in some areas to move towards love rather than fear?

If you do….

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Julie xo

Finding Your Way Out of Depression

Depression affects 1.16 million people in Australia across every demographic – men, women, children.

If depression touches your life or someone else you know?

Here are a few tips, tools & insights to help them get unstuck…..
… from the perspective of a psychologist/clinical hypnotherapist (Perri Curtis) & naturopath/pharmacist (Julie Smethurst).

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Life’s too short to get off track! 🙂

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Anxiety Epidemic – Has it engulfed you?

Anxiety is SO common today – amongst adults and children alike.

Statistics are 10% of all children have anxiety, which grows to 40% of all adults with anxiety.

Scary….epidemic proportion numbers!


Well, today I’m talking with Perri Curtis, Clinical Hypnotherapist/Psychologist/ Neuroscience lecturer to find out why anxiety is escalating to epidemic proportions.

And what you can do about it.

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5 Secrets to Increasing Your Sex Drive

Need to increase your sex drive or libido? – an awkward conversation for many of us. I often get a sneaky text after an appointment, by-the-way email or a throw away line in a  consult.  Low sex drive or libido is a dilemma that affects many women, in perimenopausal and menopausal years but anytime really.

A common question is – I’m seeing someone new & I’m needing something to help with my sex drive?


Here are 5 Secrets to Successfully Increasing Your Sex Drive or Libido (the rest is up to you):



If you don’t have energy….I’m talking real energy ….not a caffeine or sugar high…..then you’re on the back foot to start. Energy isn’t just in your head it’s in every cell of your body. You need energy for your biochemistry to work properly and to power your sex drive. You don’t expect your car to drive you places without any fuel.

Here are three simple ways to increase energy – being hydration (2 litres water/day), good fuel (vegetables, fruit, meat, nuts, legumes), plenty of good sleep (bed at 10pm or earlier is ideal)..

If you have trouble with fatigue & low energy….come & see me click here to book in. We’ll work out a plan that at least doubles your energy within 2 weeks naturally…’s so easy when you know how.

Great thing about this is it helps ‘all of you’ not just your sex drive.


Did you know women need to de-stress before sex? … whereas men are the reverse….it’s actually a stress release for them….interesting! (we’re very different creatures)

So, if you’re feeling unsafe, hypervigilant or chronically anxious it’s going affect your sex drive. You’ll need to find your triggers or change the situation. Of course caffeine, smoking and certain drugs add fuel to this mix.

I see many people with chronic anxiety that is linked to gut problems (click here to find out why), so starting from somewhere can get you making progress in the right direction.


Vaginal dryness can make the whole experience painful & not something you want to repeat sometime soon. Sure you can use a lubricant but may women have reactions or sensitivities.

Vaginal dryness can be temporary or chronic. Here are some causes –

  • Side effect of medication – like antidepressants, antihistamines (Telfast, Zyrtec, Polaramine, Phenergan), some asthma medication
  • Dehydration
  • Alcohol – can cause dehydration
  • Sensitivity or allergy to certain soaps, bath bombs or products used down there (tampons, pads, etc)
  • Smoking

YOUR OPTIONS: lubricant before sex (sensitivities and reactions are common – may need to trial a few), vaginal moisturisers (Replens, YES VM or vitamin E oil, olive oil or coconut oil) applied every 3 days OR……..if low oestrogen around menopause is a problem, topical low dose oestrogen (Vagifem) twice weekly.


Good chemistry is an essential ingredient. Relationship issues can make this a problem. When you deal with the issues it is amazing how this area can change.



Having sex increases the desire for sex. So practice, practice, practice…..I’ll leave that one up to you!

There’s also a few herbs up my sleeve to get you moving in the right direction, but the foundations always need addressing at the same time.

Hope that helps.


Julie  (Feeling Great Naturopath)

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Real Secrets To Lasting Weight Loss

Real Secrets To Lasting Weight Loss

Whether consciously or unconsciously, many people are frustrated with their body shape and size and often list ‘weight’ as a major concern. They worry endlessly over their body’s appearance many times a day. This niggling worry and frustration can take up valuable headspace, deeply affecting their self-esteem and influencing their moods.

Imagine for a moment what life might be like if you truly stopped worrying about your size or the appetite you feel you can’t trust. If you didn’t wake up thinking about what you will or won’t eat that day or how much exercise you might be able to squeeze in and what the consequences will be if you don’t.

Most people will tell you, that you have to lose weight to be healthy, but the reverse is actually true, you need to be healthy to lose weight.

And the concept of calories as the ONLY factor that influences weight loss is SO OUTDATED. There are many factors that affect whether your body is getting a message to burn fat or store it – calories, stress, gut health, liver function, thyroid, sex hormones, insulin, nervous system and emotions.

So, all of these need to be addressed for you to get to the heart of your success formula for lasting results.

Working together we can solve your weight loss puzzle, giving you support, guidance and getting to the heart of your ‘whys’ – why you eat emotionally, why you choose poor quality food even though you know better, why you just can’t seem to shift excess body fat no matter how hard you try, why dieting can’t be sustained and why eating certain foods can transform your health.

One universal truth I do know is, to effortlessly make choices that serve your health is to get back in touch with the amazingness of your own body. I have never seen sustainable change come from judgment, fear and criticism, rather from a loving kindness, understanding and encouragement.

As a gift to you I have a –

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Enjoy having somebody on your team who has had thousands of successes and lives what she teaches every day and will hold your hand to keep you resourced, accountable and inspired for lasting results.

To your best year yet,

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