How to Have More Fun in Your Life – 3 Ways To Reconnect To Fun In Your Life

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Fun is far from a frivolous activity. It hooks you into magnificent qualities such as productivity, persistence, creativity, and flexibility.

How to Have More Fun in Your Life – People achieve great things when they are having fun doing them.
Fun is the path to a successful life, not a diversion.

“If it’s not fun, you’re not doing it right.” ~Bob Basso

Each of us has our own way of having fun – a “fun print,”unique to us.

Techniques to reconnect to your sense of fun:

1: Fishing for smiles
Write a list of things you enjoy—anything from picking your teeth to touring Nepal. As you write each one, consider doing it today, next week or this year.

What emotional reaction did you feel? Is there a spontaneous smile emanating from within. This is your true self-speaking. Bingo.

2: Childhood revisited
Fun preferences are largely inborn and tend to remain consistent throughout life. Childhood is a time when you may have touched on them, so that’s another great place to look for your “fun print”.

List things you remember enjoying as a child. Pay particular attention to things that made you “lose time.” Next, look for patterns in this childhood fun. Did you like playing alone or with others? Inside or outside? Calmly or roughly? With words, objects, or actions? Those preferences still exist in you.
Choosing careers, vocations, and personal activities that fit this code will make you happier and more purposeful across the board.

3: Real-time research
Keep a “fun journal” on your calendar. Everyday jot down a brief list of your major activities. Give each experience a fun “score,” with zero meaning no fun and ten meaning fun-tabulous. You will begin to see which activities and people yield the most fun—and you’ll be surprised. Almost all of us can have wonderful fun without nearly as much money, time, and resources as we think.

Once you’ve learned to do that, it’s time to align your actual behaviour with your “funprint”. This is as far from trivial and self-indulgent as you can get. It may be the biggest, bravest thing you’ll ever do.

I don’t know where your funprint might take you should you decide to find and follow it, but I am pretty sure that along the way you’ll be challenged, scared, stretched to your limits, and gratified almost beyond belief. You’ll probably make this world a much, much better place. But we’ll never know unless you try.

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