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Do you ever feel like every day is the same as the day before?

Tying ourselves down to a daily schedule that never changes can suck all the fun out of living.

Adding Fun To Your Day – So here are 30 ways of adding fun to your daily routine:

1. Dance Like No One’s Watching
It’s free, it’s simple, it’s super effective at cranking up the fun factor meter. Throw on headphones for a silent disco each morning or crank up the jam for an all out dance party through the house. My kids love it. And they can teach you some new moves.

2. Strike Up a Conversation
Talking to strangers might be intimidating but it is so very fulfilling. Strike up a chat with the woman serving you coffee, the family in front of you at the grocery store, or a new co-worker who seems a little shy.

3. Pretend to Be a Tourist
Ask yourself, “If I had a close friend coming into town to visit me and I had 24 hours to make sure they had a fantastic time, where would I take them?” Make a plan to answer that question and then go do all of those things yourself.

4. Laugh Often
Ring a fun friend, watch a silly skit, comedy movie, connect with a sibling or buddy. This is a great way of Adding Fun To Your Day

5. Sing in the Shower
Belt out a funky song in the shower to instantly increase the fun factors. If that’s your thing.

6. Do Something Silly
Get a little crazy and go swimming in the rain, jump in puddles, go skinny dipping. The world is your oyster. Just please don’t act your age.

7. Tweek Your Morning Routine Regularly
Add variety to your life by switching up your morning routine often. Do you usually eat breakfast at the table? Take your breakfast out to the deck and listen to the birds sing. If you typically start your day by working out at the gym. Start training outdoors in the backyard, park or on a nature trail or track.

8. Go People Watching
I often wonder why people are so interested in television, because I find real life much more fascinating. Pack up your lunch and take it to a bench downtown. Watch the bustling city life unfold and be happy in the fact that you are not alone.

9. Declutter the Schedule
What are some things in your schedule you could cull or do them in a more fun way. For instance, crank up music on the headphones while vacuuming.

10. Listen to Nature Sounds
Go outside and listen to the crickets chirping, birds singing and wind blowing. Focus really hard and be amazed by the beautiful nature sounds that you’ve been too busy to notice.

11. Join a Club
Are you a new mother, always wanted to do pottery, a budding belly dancer, or an artist? If so, I can almost guarantee there is a group of people or a club who would be so happy to have you in their life.

12. Make a Difference
Become a volunteer in your local community or abroad. Hook into your passion whether that be children, nature, building, teaching. Go make the world a better place.

13. Challenge Yourself
What do you want to be remembered for? Answer that question and challenge yourself to make it happen.

14. Reconnect with an Old Friend
When life gets busy, it’s easy to lose touch with even the best of friends. Scan through your contacts until you see a name that makes you think, “I wonder what happened to them?” Call them to re-connect, and if they are local, make plans for next weekend.

15. Walk It Off
Instead of driving straight home from work, stop at a local park for a quick walk to burn some calories, clear your thoughts, catch some rays, and maybe even see cute ducks.

16. Treat Yourself
To take care of others, you must first take care of yourself. When is the last time you treated yourself to a glorious spa or relaxing massage?

17. Strike a Pose
It is uber important to love your body as it is. To encourage a healthy dose of self-love at the top of your day, go ahead and strike a pose while you’re in front of the mirror. Flex your muscles, pose, smile, and be happy in the wonderful vessel that is you.

18. Become an Expert
Choose a topic that fascinates you and read one article per day about that very thing. If repeated over weeks and months, you’ll be so well-versed in this topic that you could start a Facebook page or blog for the purpose of educating the masses. You will also have a fresh batch of conversation starters for parties and social outings.

19. Learn a Joke
If that’s your thing. Always comes in handy to spice things up and get people laughing. Little things can make a big difference to people’s days.

20. Drive Away with No Destination in Mind
Have some time to kill? Get in the car and start driving. Explore the back roads that you’ve never ventured to in all the years you’ve been in your town. Go to a neighboring city you haven’t visited and stop at a random restaurant without researching a single thing about it. Act like you are on holidays.

21. Take a Class
Feeling active? Take up a yoga or spin class. Feeling artsy? Learn a new craft like stitching, pottery, or painting. If you’d like to increase your confidence and public speaking ability, join an acting class or audition for a community theater production. If you want to learn how to protect yourself, find a self-defense or martial-arts class.

22. Make a Collage
Search through the photos saved to your computer or Facebook account and make a collage with a specific theme in mind. You can doctor up your photos with enhancements and artistic touches for free at Pixlr.

23. Begin a Diary
Keep a journal to this day because expressing my thoughts in words helps me cherish my positive memories and deal with my negative ones.

24. Adopt a Pet
Do you live alone and feel lonely? Adopt a dog from your local shelter if you’d like to have a new companion who will greet you with a burst of excitement every time you walk in the door. If a dog would require more attention than you can muster, a cat might be a better option since felines are as independent as they come.

25. Excite Your Palate
Do you eat the same stuff all the time? If so, your poor taste buds are probably bored to tears. Do you usually eat apples and bananas? Swap those out with something new and exciting like mangos, pears, peaches, or plums.

26. Explore Your Memory Bank
Take a moment to relax and think about past memories that brought you great joy. Are there any old stomping grounds where you had tons of fun that you haven’t visited in a very long time? If so, go visit those places. When you do, I bet you’ll be flooded with more positive memories that you forgot about until now.

27. Change Your Look
How long has your hair been in its current state? Tell your stylist you are ready for change and want to look like a whole new person. Ask them to help you dig through one of those big books of hair styles in the waiting room and suggest styles that would work well with your facial features.

28. Shake-Up Your Surroundings
It’s easy to become stagnate if our surroundings never change. Try shaking up the layout of your living room to make it more fun and interesting. You could do something as simple as swapping the couch with the recliner, moving your kitchen table to a new angle, or adding some new decorations to your living room.

29. Embrace Your Curiosity
A curious mind rarely experiences boredom. Aim to be fascinated by everything that surrounds you. If you can find beauty in the ordinary, you’ll never be bored again.

30. Do Something Different
A person can only do the same exact thing so many times before they get bored. The best way to add fun to your daily routine is to do something different, no matter how big or small, as much as possible. A regular slice of variety will help you stay interested in the daily activity of living.

How do you inject fun into your day? Love to hear from you. Just comment below.

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