Feeling Unwell and Tired all the Time – What’s Making Me Feel So Crap?

Feeling Unwell and Tired all the Time but can’t put your finger on it?

Noticing you’re tired, bloated, have headaches often, blocked nose, brain fog.….maybe feeling down, mood swings, shocking PMS or skin is breaking out?

Personally, I suffered from all these and more…. for more years than I care to admit before I’d had ENOUGH…..then made the decision to get it sorted.

Life is too short to feel crap all the time!

A quarter of the population claim to suffer from fatigue.

But sometimes extreme tiredness can be hiding a more serious illness.

It is easy to blame exhaustion on the stresses of an increasingly demanding lifestyle or work. – Daily Mail – Health Article


There are lots to do, feel and get inspired about in life.

But when you’re feeling like you’re doing life under a blanket of wet concrete it just takes all the juice out of it. It suddenly becomes about surviving not living.

So, my escalating chronic discomfort prompted my quest for solutions and finally became my mission.



Energy sucking, inflammatory driving and infection cultivating……they were slowly draining the life blood out of me.

More so because I had a swag of them since I’d let it go on for soooo long, plus I was eating these foods multiple times a day. Doh!

I learned the hard way about cleaning up at the beginning and all important prevention..…rather than constantly doing damage control at the other end with cortisone nasal sprays, antihistamines, Panadol, antibiotics, anti-inflammatories and anything else that would temporarily ease the pain of feeling so goddam awful.

My biggest lesson was about taking away what doesn’t work instead of adding more and more and more.….. I’m sure I’m not the only one whose been there.

So, less is the new more for me.


Then finally, stepping back and learning why it all happened in the first place.

What set me up for all this food chaos? That’s a complex story for another day.

The short version is leaky gut or inflammatory intestinal permeability. I’d added plenty of fuel to the fire and had the predisposition, just waiting to manifest given the chance.

Looking back, my mother had lots of digestive issues, she was quite fussy about what she ate. This predisposition had been passed down the line.

Now, add to that –

  • the ‘take on too much’ work ethic, constantly stressed,
  • health short cuts because you’re time poor – ignore it all and plow on,
  • skip exercising daily (no time initially, then no energy & no time),
  • eat breakfast cereal for dinner because you’re tired, exhausted and can’t be bothered – like throwing petrol on a fire….before you know it’s exploded and out of control,
  • binge drink weekly, to escape,
  • minimise fruit and veg in your diet, until they’re almost non-existent,
  • go overseas and get a gut infection or gastro,
  • repeat all above often


Did you know intolerances (delayed or IgG type) are passed through the placenta, so mothers pass their intolerances through to their children?

Thinking of having children, clean up your health before you go there, it’ll make life so much easier. Otherwise, your children will have the same problems as you…..talk about amplification of pain!


Now I’ve tested it all and found what works and I teach it most days in my clinic.

That’s my big why I transitioned from mainstream ‘treat it at the end’ pharmacy to bigger picture ‘get it at the beginning’ naturopathy.

Now, I can help anyone, anywhere in between.

I’ve lived it, trialed it, experimented and found what works and what doesn’t.


Food sensitivities come in many shapes and sizes….they’re not that simple.

Did you know?

  • Having a problem with certain foods doesn’t always or only affect your gut.
  • Foods that irritate and inflame you, inflames everything……your brain, liver, everything. That’s why you feel so crap.

So, if you have an autoimmune disease, such as rheumatoid arthritis, eczema, asthma, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, ulcerative colitis, lupus and more…..it’s best to eradicate the petrol that’s keeping your immune system angry and attacking your body.


Can’t lose weight?

Food intolerances are one of the first things I look for….guaranteed to sabotage any weight loss attempts. Increases fluid retention, internal cortisol and inflammatory markers, no chance of getting into the fat burning range.

Most common reactions are to cow’s milk, eggs, beans, cereals….but can be anything really!


Had an aha moment or sound very familiar? Time to get some testing done…. to work out what’s really happening? CLICK HERE to book online a 30 min Discovery Session (phone or in person) for $75 with 10% off testing until 31st March 2017. Otherwise, email or call me on 0438 593523.

I’ll point you in the right direction to feeling great and looking fabulous once again.