5 Tips To Getting Back Into Exercise After An Injury Or Illness

 5 Tips To Getting Back Into Exercise After An Injury Or Illness

Lining up habits and motivation to maintain your fitness can be hard enough at times but trying to return to exercise after an injury or sickness can be a big struggle!

Janette was in struggle zone, wrestling with plantar fasciitis since the start of the year, 8 months now. Hobbling out of bed each day, it didn’t seem like it would ever go away.

She was going to get back into exercise when it got better, but that day never seemed to get any closer and her foot pain was getting worse and her weight was going up.

That’s when Jeanette saw me. We worked on MODIFYING. That meant starting somewhere and improving over time.

After Jeanette got started exercising in a modified way, her foot pain halved in six weeks and four months later she was pain free and 10 kilos lighter.

Yay Jeanette was unstuck.

Here’s what she had to say, “I can’t believe how much better I feel. I look back now and realise I could have been stuck there forever. Thank you so much for your help.”


Here are 5 ways to MODIFY to get back to exercise after an injury or sickness.


1. Get outside and take it slow

Fresh air, nature, sunshine and moving is a great start and ALWAYS good.

Let yourself slowly ease back into a routine that you are going to love.

It may be bike riding, swimming, stretching, walk or group training.

If you wake up feeling good and go for an intense workout or run – you risk hurting yourself all over again or making it worse and that’s the last thing you would want.


2. Pain IS your friend

Huh? That’s the thing that stopped me exercising in the first place, you say!
Just listen to your body and know your limits. Pain is your bodies signal that something is going on and that you’ve pushed too hard. It’s very important to pay attention.

Also remember to stretch, rest and recover, they are foundational to easing fitness back into your life.


3. Nutrition and hydration are recovery essentials

Your body needs essential building blocks to heal so the foundations are solid, preventing relapses and flare ups.

 Click here for your guide to reducing inflammation and aiding healing.

Need extra help with your diet, essential nutrient or creating a wellness plan book here to see me or a local naturopath.

Your body is your temple and it needs to last you a lifetime.


4. Work on your balance

Usually, when it comes to balance, it’s assumed to come naturally to most. It’s actually a skill that you need to master and after an injury need to work on from scratch.

Balance in fitness rehabilitation can be easily overlooked and can be the main reason an injury keeps occurring.
When a soft tissue injury occurs, there is always a certain amount of damage to the nerves around the injured area.

This, of course, leads to a lack of control of the muscles and tendons, and can also affect the stability of joint structures.

Working on building strength around the area before diving head first into the deep end of a grueling fitness routine is going to allow you for better results and less chance of getting yourself hurt again.


5. Get a plan

Best outcomes occur when you have a supportive team around you. Ideally a resourceful and caring qualified trainer who works in with your osteopath, chiropractor, podiatrist or other health professionals.

Jeanette made huge improvements with her plantar fasciitis once she purchased better shoes and added orthotics. To maintain the improvement Jeanette saw an osteopath once a month to keep her moving well and had an occasional massage.

Her trainer, Emma, at Step Into Life, Mornington, was the lynch pin that kept Jeanette on track to recovering from her injury. Emma designed a program that included stretching, movement and strength. She modified classes and stepped Jeanette along to being pain free and part of a group while getting fit and healthy. She cared and kept Janette on track with support and guidance.

Working with someone who can assess your unique situation and know what your new routine should incorporate and when it’s time to progress to the next level is essential.

So, if you’d like help with an injury recovery plan from Emma, at Step Into Life Mornington click here to find out more (3 free classes to trial).

Hoping this was helpful and can help you get unstuck after an injury.

Julie xo