Alignment is the key to health.

One aspect of many people’s lives that is out of alignment is their sleep and wake patterns. These patterns coordinate hormonal secretions that determine your overall health and recovery! – Resetting Body Clock 

By resetting your circadian body clock, you will have deeper sleep, wake up more refreshed, have better midday energy,  mental clarity, and natural weight loss.

Sleep related problems are often caused by little exposure to natural sunlight – which is the ideal frequency for health compared to artificial lighting. We are photo-sensitive beings – our eyes, skin, and brain respond directly to light.

Exposure to natural sunlight is critical at specific times of the day. In the morning sunlight increases cortisol (to get us up and moving) and midday increases serotonin (to increase our mood and set us up for a good night’s sleep) and produces vitamin D.

Ideally, a minimum 20-30 minutes of sunlight per day is essential for great health – best on waking and the middle of the day.

“For most people, adequate vitamin D levels are reached through regular incidental exposure to the sun. When the UV Index is 3 or above (such as during summer), most people maintain adequate vitamin D levels just by spending a few minutes outdoors on most days of the week.

In late autumn and winter in some southern parts of Australia, when the UV Index falls below 3, spend time outdoors in the middle of the day with some skin uncovered. Being physically active (e.g. gardening or going for a brisk walk) also helps boost vitamin D levels.”Cancer Council

So a simple solution is to,

  • incorporate the outdoors in your morning routine
  • eat lunch outdoors
  • get outside during the day
  • walk to or from work or at least part of the way outdoors
  • catch a sunrise or a sunset regularly

One of the greatest detriments to a person’s health is a poor rest and recovery routine.

You cannot medicate your way out of bad lifestyle habits.

Make it a priority to get into good habits to support your health. Resetting Body Clock

Take charge of your health and well-being. One body, One chance at living – make it count.

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