Initial child’s appointment confirmation




If this is your first appointment  please  download our diet diary here which I would love you to print out, fill in & bring with you to the consultation.

Also I would love you to complete 1 online questionnaires. This just helps me to gain some understanding of your child’s needs so we can use our time together more effectively and get great results in the least amount of time and at the least cost to you.

For the online questionnaires all you need to do is click this link , then complete Health APPRAISAL questionnaire. Just enter your name and my practitioner code 66781. I do appreciate the time and effort it takes to complete this. Just so the best you can.

Also if you have any recent blood tests (within the last 12 months…if any) could you bring in a copy, along with details of any medication & supplements that you are currently taking (dose & ingredients).

Your child’s first consultation will be 30 minutes and is $100 with all standard testing included.

The clinic address is 1/51 Van Ness Avenue Mornington.

Cancellation policy: If you are unable to make your appointment you will need to contact me on 0438593523 at least 24 hours before if not sooner so I am able to offer your appointment to others on a waiting list.


I am really looking forward to meeting you and your child to regain your health, vitality and wellness.