Restoring Peace & Clarity

Workshop Series

Find the key to

nurture your mind, body, spirit.

Peninsula Hot Springs, Wellness Centre

1st March 2020, Sunday

Is it Time to Hit Your Reset Button with “Me Time” That Lasts?

This isn’t your average workshop.

I believe in learning in an interactive environment – bringing together your mind and body. You need to hear & do it – to really get it.

Combining theory and practice to live a concept rather than just talk about it. Doing this in a playful, connected, nurturing way is essential. 

You’ll find yourself being welcomed into a like-minded community for the day – making new friends. All while being nurtured and pampered in the premier Peninsula Hot Springs location. 

This workshop is designed to hit the Reset Button for your whole self… Body, Brain & Being.

So whether life is smooth sailing or throwing curveballs you will be able to Maintain Peace & Clarity.

Together Julie Smethurst (Naturopath, Pharmacist, Life Coach) and Perri Curtis (Clinical Hypnotherapist, Psychologist, & Neuroscientist) will guide you through tried-and-tested methods to bring peace and clarity back to your body, brain and soul.

  • Get tools for health & brain training that last & start to work straight away.
  • Relax in soothing & healing mineral waters.
  • Enjoy a beautiful location to nurture your body, mind & soul.
  • Sample and learn about the health benefits of unique wellness experiences like body clay, hot & cold plunging or supported aerial yoga.

We’ll be right by your side throughout the day, going above and beyond to make sure you get everything you need out of your day.

This is the best gift you can give yourself or someone you care about….lasting results from a special day you’ll always remember.

It’s Time to hit Your Reset Button with “Me Time” That Lasts.

Spots are limited to 15.

Now $399 (was $425)

Our first workshop in September was huge success & this one is filling up fast.

Only a few spots left – reserve yours today!

“I first saw Julie and wasn’t sure what I was looking for except change… I was trying to quit smoking as well as wanting to change many bad habits. I got a lot more than I expected; a good detox, clarity, direction, and plenty of inspiration. I find Julie caring, supportive, and real. I fully recommend Julie to anyone looking for advice and guidance both on health and life!”

Charlotta Karlsson

Multi-Modal Professionals. Expert Facilitators.

We’ve teamed up so you get the best of both worlds

Julie Smethurst

Author | Speaker | Consultant | Naturopath

Julie Smethurst is an author, speaker, consultant, naturopath, and owner of Feeling Great Health Solutions, with twenty-five-plus years in the health industry. Through consults, retreats, workshops, webinars, online courses, and much more, Julie teaches people what actions to take to get whatever they want out of life. Julie is dedicated to helping others grow their capabilities to the next level of wellness and fulfilment, no matter where people are in the process right now.

Perri Curtis

Clinical Hypnotherapist | Psychologist | Neuroscience Lecturer

Perri Curtis has 20+ years experience in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Counselling Psychology and Neuro-Science.  Her work as a therapist utilises a powerful combination for her clients seeking rapid growth and lasting change. Perri is involved in ongoing research in the efficacy of clinical hypnotherapy as an adjunct treatment in medical conditions. She has shared her passion for helping people change at conferences nationally and internationally and on radio programs.

Bring a friend and share a soul-nurturing day out that will top up your mind, body, and spirit

Book now for your chance to gain clarity, achieve mastery over your behaviour and beliefs and spend a day being pampered so you can walk away knowing you’ve taken real action to change your life for the better.

Imagine yourself

Surrounded by the beauty of the Mornington Peninsula

Our guarantee:

A full day of workshops and activities to refresh your mind, body, and spirit


Bathing in Mother Nature

On arrival, you’ll enjoy some time bathing in the natural thermal mineral waters which flow from deep underground into pools at Peninsula Hot Springs. Connect with yourself and nature in the company of others. Awaken your senses and nourish your soul in nature.


Body Clay Painting

Experience the healing powers and cooling effects of clay with Peninsula Hot Spring’s signature body clay ritual, using a carefully selected series of detoxifying clays from around Australia, each with their own unique therapeutic benefits. 

During this 45 minute workshop, our knowledgeable and engaging hosts will share stories about these benefits as you enjoy a simple and universal connection with nature.


Fire, Ice and Bathe (Optional Add-On)

Be invigorated by the powers of hot and cold therapy in Peninsula Hot Spring’s state-of-the-art saunas and Ice Cave. Flow between hot saunas, sub-zero Ice Cave and Deep Freeze chamber, cold plunge pools and geothermal hot springs. You will learn and experience the key health benefits of this popular science under the guidance of trained instructors during the 45-minute workshop.


Aerial Yoga and Bathe (Optional Add-On)

Aerial Yoga involves using silk hammocks that hang from the ceiling to support the body’s weight as you alternate between challenging, playful and nurturing poses. This style of yoga incorporates yoga’s traditional aspects but involves a unique and profound experience of weightlessness that is gentle on the joints and nourishing for the whole being. The class ends in a swaying cocoon pose to bring you into a state of deep meditation and surrender.


Food to Nourish and Restore

Enjoy beautifully prepared nourishing food chosen by you from menu at the Amphitheatre Cafe.


Workshop with Julie

Hear about Julie’s story, understand her tried-and-tested framework for restoring calm to your body, learn how to get your base right and build solid foundations.


Workshop with Perri

Perri will help you move past your conscious mind, access your subconscious, recognise how your behaviours and beliefs are formed and how they impact on your body and spirit. Tap into her expertise in Neuroscience and learn how to bring calm to your brain through all your senses.


An Evening at the Spa (self-booking)

Our day together officially ends at 4.30pm after the last workshop session, but you are welcome to stay to enjoy the sunset, twilight bathing, or book your own massage or spa dreaming experience. Peninsula Hot Springs Wellness Centre is open until 10 pm so take the opportunity to enjoy an evening at the spa to complete your rejuvenation and relaxation journey.

“After struggling with weight, allergies, and limited energy most of my life, Julie has given me the tools to take charge of my life and lose the weight I desperately needed to shed (and keep it off). I now have daily rituals (which are important to me!), eat fabulous food, and enjoy the active lifestyle I once longed for.”

Tina Thomas

Benefits of Hot Springs Bathing

A carefully selected venue to give you the best experience

Wellness Centre

A purpose-built space for group activities that is light-filled and surrounded by nature

Supported by Science

Balneology is the scientific study of the therapeutic benefits of naturally occurring mineral waters. Balneotherapists affirm that trace minerals in hot springs and the stimulating benefits of highly mineralised waters combine to stimulate and promote health and wellness. (Image & information source: Peninsula Hot Springs)


Australian therapists are increasingly turning to mineral water spas combined with massage for work-related illnesses such as stress, back-related injuries, and tenosynovitis. Rehabilitation for operations, accidents, and treatment for rheumatism, arthritis, gout, heart disease, and infertility have also benefited from hot springs bathing regiments. (Image & information source: Peninsula Hot Springs)


Thermal therapy research has demonstrated that hydrostatic pressure in the body is increased when bathing in thermal hot springs. Bathing invigorates blood circulation and cell oxygenation, stimulating the body and enhancing its capacity to detoxify and improving digestion. Committing regularly to bathing can normalise the endocrine glands and invigorate the autonomic nervous system. (Image & information source: Peninsula Hot Springs)

You’re invited…

to bring a friend and share a soul-nurturing day out that will top up your mind, body, & spirit