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Restoring Peace & Clarity

March 1, 2020 (Sunday)

Peninsula Hot Springs, Wellness Centre

Enjoy a soul nurturing day at Peninsula Hot Springs designed to restore your Peace and Clarity , with Me Time That Lasts. 

Recharge in a  beautiful environment and community of like-minded people with Julie and Perri Curtis.

Getting Unstuck – Removing Your Blocks

October 27, 2019 (Sunday) –

RESCHEDULED 2020 – New Date To Be Confirmed

Peninsula Hot Springs, Moroccan Tent

Held at the breathtaking Moroccan Tent at the Peninsula Hot Springs, Julie and Nanette has teamed up for a very special day of activities, guiding you through the process of removing the blocks that are the reasons for your low energy and the lack of sparkle in your life.

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I was feeling flat, unhealthy and exhausted. From the first appointment with Julie, I knew I was on the right path. She has helped me get my health back in line, get off my medication, feel great and happy again. She’s given me back the energy I lacked and she’s given me the answers that my GP couldn’t. I highly recommend Julie who has always gone above and beyond to ensure my health is number one. For that, I thank her.

Julie Bills

“I started seeing Julie with symptoms of fatigue and brain fog that I just couldn’t shake off. Julie identified the causes of these problems and fixed them. I now have improved energy, mood and sleep, and no more brain fog! I’d definitely recommend Julie for problems that regular doctors have no answers for, nor the inclination to look deeper into. I’d highly recommend Julie to anyone who wants to feel healthy and well again.”

Andree Wales