Thyroid Symptoms – What are Typical Symptoms of a Poorly Functioning Thyroid?

The thyroid, a butterfly-shaped gland in the center of your neck, is the master gland of metabolism. How well your thyroid is functioning is inter-related with every system in your body. If your thyroid is not running optimally, then neither are you. – Hypothyroid Mum

Thyroid Symptoms – In the case of hypothyroidism or Hashimoto’s Disease, the typical symptoms are:

  • fatigue, exhaustion
  • feeling run down and sluggish
  • depression
  • difficulty concentrating, brain fog
  • unexplained or excessive weight gain
  • inability to lose weight no matter what you do
  • anxiety attacks
  • brain fog
  • dry, coarse and/or itchy skin
  • dry, coarse and/or thinning hair
  • feeling cold, especially in the extremities
  • constipation, indigestion
  • muscle cramps
  •  irregular periods
  • infertility/miscarriage.

Thyroid Symptoms – In the case of hyperthyroidism or Graves’ Disease, the symptoms would be:

  • nervousness
  • heart palpitations
  • irritability
  • increased perspiration
  • thinning of your skin
  • fine brittle hair
  • muscular weakness especially involving the upper arms and thighs
  • shaky hands
  • panic disorder
  • insomnia
  • racing heart
  • more frequent bowel movements
  • weight loss despite a good appetite
  • weight gain for no good reason
  • hair loss
  • lighter flow, less frequent menstrual periods.

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