“Happiness, growth and satisfaction live in the journey, the challenges and even, the struggle.” – Craig Harper

Hit a fork in the road, a setback or just in a world of pain?

If you’ve ever tried to learn something new – tennis, an instrument, a language or losing weight, you know progress is never linear. Inevitably you encounter setbacks, plateaus or even roadblocks in your progress. Maybe you lost the first 10 kilos quickly, but the last 5 kilos you can’t budge or it creeps back on over Christmas.

You concentrate on a particular area, only to drop the ball in another area. For instance focusing on your food and exercise, but your head or mindset isn’t in the right place so you keep sabotaging yourself.

It happens often to many of us. We’re travelling along and pain and resistance is starting to build. Discomfort creeps in then it increases exponentially. Some of us go silent, withdraw, give up, escape through sleep, alcohol, eating or the like or perhaps yell and scream.

In our minds, many of us feel a journey from A to B, should be linear. Not so in reality, we often take the windy, bumpy or scenic track that has us looping along in the general direction. Unknown to us at the time, this journey can be full of great moments, where you collide with inspiring people, places and things, learn a missing skill set or had your mindset challenged because it needed to be.

Regularly I see people rise to a certain level of mastery, only to regress over time, but commonly never back to where we started. This needs to be celebrated in itself, true progress has been made and they’re now ready for the next step. When we hit this zone, we’re often forced through pure resourcefulness to go exploring beyond our comfort zones and open up doors, that are key elements to our continued success and growth.

“Set a goal, do the work, reach the goal and you’ll live happily ever after. Nah, not really. It’s not how we’re wired. To think you’ll be eternally happy and satisfied because you’ve achieved the goal is like believing you’ll never be hungry again if you eat your favourite meal.” – Craig Harper

When we succeed we tend to party. When we fail we stop and ponder. Setbacks, can be fuel to readjust our path and recommitment to our dream outcome, which may have shifted, a little or a lot, depending on the previous experience.

How does it work?  Setbacks produce pain, which can either immobilise you or spur you on to dig deeper.

In these moments of disappointments or ‘bumps in the road’, a coach or mentor, can break your limiting patterns, remind you of your ultimate outcome and put you back on the path to progress.

Suddenly you’re back on course with renewed commitment to your outcome, inspired and sporting a mindset of possibility. You start creating sensational results and outcomes that are greater than your previous triumps.

WHAM!….another challenge hits. You drop off, but you drop to a level that is higher than before.

This setback too, generates pain, but with coaching, you immerse yourself again, and with each immersion you get stronger and your results get better.

Remember the continuous cycle of coaching – achievement – setback – coaching is natural. When faced with a setback, instead of feeling powerless, remember that every time you re-immerse yourself, you are starting off from a stronger point than before. You are building your muscles. You are creating a solid foundation to build your vision on. All you need is coaching and inspiration to get you past the setback, then you’re right back in the game of life.

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