Want to turn your new year resolutions into lasting results?    I’m actually not a big fan of New Year’s Resolutions…but if it’s your window of opportunity seize it with both hands.

Me, I’d prefer a deliberate reset reflecting on 2017 in December or right now and making a few kick-arse decisions about what’s going, what’s staying and what I want more of for 2018.

I choose a word or theme for each year. For me 2018 is about decluttering.

After having reached the big 5 0 this year. Time to clear out the crap, physically, mentally and emotionally. Give it away, sell it or let go of what’s not working and open up the space and energy for what does. Reset for what’s to come.

On the subject of stuff… did you know that Australians on average live in the biggest homes in the world? On average 10% bigger than the US.

Is it because we have bigger families? No.   Is it because we have more room to build? No.    It’s because we have so much stuff. And for some there’s a need for self storage as well. What do you really use in your house? You’d be surprised.   End of rant.

Now, hands up who want to turn your new year resolutions into lasting results? That means embracing strategies, mindset and habits that cement change until it becomes just what you do. This lasts beyond the eight minutes of being motivated and inspired.


Here’s your 6 steps to turn new year resolutions into lasting change-


1. Get clear about what you want and why you want it.

Be specific. Vague statements like ‘I want to lose weight’, ‘I want to be more organised’ just don’t cut it.

Instead use something like, I want to lose 10 kilos by my school reunion on 24th April, because I’m wearing this mind-blowing red dress and drop dead gorgeous shoes and I want to look super hot.

This step will turn your new year resolution into lasting change by creating inner momentum that gives you fuel to keep going even when it all gets a little hard and uncomfortable. Keeps you moving from being temporarily motivated to hard wired for results.

Now if you share your intent with others, accountability is added to the mix. When your best friend or partner repeats your intentions back to you when temporary amnesia kick in…it works.


2. Identify the cost 

What are the costs to turn your new year resolutions into lasting change?

Is it time, money, getting uncomfortable, consistency, pain, hard work, inconvenience?   What’s needed?

Change requires personal investment. Growth comes with the hard stuff.

An internal transformation precedes a external transformation.


3. Acknowledge what got in the way last time

What got in the way last time of turning your new year resolutions into lasting results?

Was it boredom, injury, time, money, not big enough why?

Set yourself up for success. Address the barriers (mental, physical, emotional), get creative and recognise the patterns.


4. Structure, organisation, accountability, process, timeline

Strategy is essential to turn your new year resolutions into lasting change.

Initially we’re emotionally driven..inspired, motivated….this lasts for about eight minutes.

What’s going to keep you going beyond this? Rituals, accountability, strategy, they’ll change your blueprint to success with consistency over time.

Need a strategy?  Click here for 7 Day Feeling Great Reset Challenge. $7 for 7 days.


5. Take away the safety net

If you want to turn new year resolutions into lasting change, this means taking away the internal option to stop.

Lose the excuses, stories, self- negotiation, rationalizing…..do the work.

Time to invest and commit to the process and stay on track to a new normal or default setting.

You know you’ve reached your new setting when you’re no longer looking for a loop hole.


6. Improvise, adapt, overcome

Flexibility is your greatest asset to turn new year resolutions into lasting results.

Our world’s dynamic, evolving.  Life is constantly throwing things at us that we don’t expect.

Time to trade falling apart and reacting with adapting, improvising and creatively ploughing forward.


Hope that’s nudged those creative juices for 2018.  See you on the other side or on the 7 day Feeling Great Reset Challenge 

Either way Happy New Year!