Here are my simple rules for life long fat loss that…… stand the test of time.

1. Be consistent with your training and nutrition.  There is no point
being ‘good’ for a couple of days and then ‘bad’ for a few more.  Just
keep chipping away at forming healthy eating habits and make sure you move!

2.  Keep focussed on the big goal.  In order to be successful with
your fat loss goals you MUST think long term.  Fat loss does not occur
overnight; it is a process and one that takes a period of time to achieve.

3.  Fat Loss is not linear.  There will be periods of time where the
fat loss is happening easily and there will be other times when you feel as if
you have put some on.  All of that is completely ok and natural.
Provided you are still moving towards your goal you are making progress.

4.  Celebrate the wins along the way.  Acknowledge all the little
achievements that you have on your journey.  This may or may not be
related to your aesthetic goal, but if you notice that your clothes are fitting
better, or you are stronger or fitter than before, then these are considered
wins!  By focussing on the positives you are more likely to stay

5.  Become an expert on yourself.  Take the time to tune into your
body.  Your body ‘talks’ to you on a regular basis.  At any moment during
the day it is giving you signs about how it is functioning.  Unfortunately
most people have lost the innate ability to listen to it.  Start by
noticing how different types of food affect you; do you get more or less energy
after eating?  How does your tummy feel?  How are you sleeping at
night?  What forms of training make you feel energised?  The more you
know your body the better you are at making fine adjustments to give it what it
wants.  Once you become an expert in yourself you are in the best position
to choose the best practices for your body.

So there you have it 5 simple principles that are the back bone of any successful weight loss lifestyle!

Look and feel great……and enjoy the process!!!!

Wishing you much success.

Julie x