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Thyroid Treatment Melbourne – Research shows us that over 40% of Australian women have an undiagnosed, underactive thyroid gland.

Which means no matter how many hours you exercise or cut out carbs you can’t lose that spare tyre around the middle.
If you think you may be one of these women or men you deserve to feel fantastic every day so don’t put off getting tested
with the latest technology from America.


Welcome! Congratulations on taking the first steps to get your hands on the

Top 10 secrets to healing your thyroid.

Thyroid Treatment Melbourne
Thyroid Treatment Melbourne

Why Do Your Thyroid And Weight Loss Go Together?

Your thyroid gland controls your body’s ability to burn calories, produce energy, have mental clarity and perform at your best. Let’s make sure this is happening for you! Blood test (TSH) may not tell the whole story. Detecting how much thyroid hormone is in your bloodstream, does not identify what is working in your tissues. So, if you do have a problem it may not be picked up by your doctor.

A Solution – New Testing Available From America

American thyroid specialists, Dr Konrad Kail and Dr Daryl Turner developed a quick, non-invasive medical thyroid screening test, which has been used by integrative US doctors for the past eight years to accurately diagnose and treat thyroid issues. Once the thyroid is balanced with nutrients and in some cases medication you can easily lose weight, increase your energy and feel happier in yourself. So if you suspect your thyroid isn’t working quite right come visit me for a FREE test.

Thyroid Treatment Melbourne


Tina Thomas

I’ve been big all my life, always the funny big girl… Especially after having my boys. I’d manage to lose some weight here and there, I would exercise my butt off, and my diet was really good. I was so very frustrated. I’m sure my personal trainer thought I was telling fibs.

Then I met Julie and my life changed!

After about 6 weeks, the weight started to fall off, I was so excited! Especially as I didn’t have to change my foods much.

Especially as I didn’t have to change my foods much.

I continue to do my exercise and question what foods I now want in my diet, and have gone from a tight 18 down to a much heather size 12.

You deserve to feel fantastic every day!

FREE THYROID SCREEN  – Valued at $140.00 with initial consultation.

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Thyroid Treatment Melbourne