Natural Energy Boosters

Natural Energy Boosters

Natural Energy Boosters – 7 Hacks To Turn Up Your Energy Without Caffeine, Sugar or Drugs

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  • Feeling blaaah?
  • Energy up and down, craving junk food, coffee, coke, sugar, gooey cakes and biscuits?
  • Dragging yourself through the week feeling meh! Can’t break out of the cycle.
  • Need a stiff drink at the end of the day to take away the overwhelm?
  • Perhaps you sort of know what you’re meant to be doing, but just can’t bring it all together?

There’s little or no scientific evidence that energy boosters like ginseng, guarana, and chromium picolinate actually work. – Harvard Medical School

You’re not alone. Here are 7 hacks for Natural Energy Boosters! Move out of meeh to magnificent.


How to Make a Plan to Change your Life

How to Make a Plan to Change your Life

How to Make a Plan to Change your Life – Change Your Story, Change Your Life In 6 Steps

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How to Make a Plan to Change your Life  – Whenever we undertake a new change in our lives — whether it’s starting a new job or business, or changing a new habit — we tell ourselves a story about it.

One of the characteristics of life is that it is constantly changing. When you are feeling adrift, or simply want to figure out what your priorities are, you may want to consider writing a life plan. The beauty of a life plan is that it can give a structure to your life while also changing and growing as you do. – Wiki How

We’re the hero of our story. Unfortunately, it’s not usually a very good story — it involves the hero not believing he or she can do it, wanting to give up and give in to the easy route.

If we’re not succeeding at something, it’s quite probably because we are telling ourselves the wrong story.


11 Things To Give Up If You Want To Be Happy

11 Things To Give Up If You Want To Be Happy

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There seems to be that feeling out there in the world that I will be happy when….

I have my IDEAL body, my IDEAL partner, I am living in my IDEAL location, driving my IDEAL car, doing my IDEAL job, living with an IDEAL low fat, high performance body and looking totally awesome.

So when I am inhabiting my perfect life that’s when I’ll be happy.

Mmmmm….just wondering how that is working for you?

Or maybe, I’ll actually be happy when I understand and realise my happiness doesn’t necessarily depend or rely or have anything to do with any of those things.

While happiness may not be possible all the time, in many cases our happiness depends on choosing to be happy. It’s as simple as that.

“There is no way to happiness. Happiness is the way.” – Buddhist Proverb

Unfortunately, we complicate our lives to the point that we’re unable to recognize happiness when it appears right in front of us.

Here are 11 Things To Give Up If You Want To Be Happy


One Thing To Celebrate Every Day

One Thing To Celebrate Every Day

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We often forget to celebrate those things that come to us easily – life, our strengths and so much more.

This is simply a reminder that your life is a glorious gift, in the best times and the worst times. How bored would you be if everything went right all the time…lol!

Think of all the synchronicities that came into being for you to be conceived, born and then survive until now. I love this Buddhist quote, it brings this concept to life.

“It is not easy to be reborn as a human being. It is rarer than for a one-eyed turtle, who rises to the surface only once every hundred years, to push his neck through a wooden yoke with one hole that floats on the surface of the wide ocean.” – Buddha Shakyamuni

When it comes to what really matters, what makes you laugh, what makes you cry, what makes you grieve, what makes you yearn, what makes you delight and rejoice. We all share the same heart. It is really so simple, isn’t it? One Thing To Celebrate Every Day

Experience the things you truly value the most. Spend time doing what lifts you up and brings you, love. Listen to the response of your true self and let your truth guide your next step and then the next and the next. It will make you feel such humility, gratitude and joy to know that you are living the life you are born to live. Without burdens, without extra weight. Just being yourself.

“Our freedom lies in remaining open continuously, not only to life’s changes but also to the divine light within us & others.” – Peter Santos



Comparing Myself to Others Anxiety

Comparing Myself to Others Anxiety

Comparing Myself to Others Anxiety – 10 Signs You’re Comparing Yourself Too Much To Others

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Comparing Myself to Others Anxiety – This can happen to all of us. We compare ourselves to friends, relatives, loved ones, workmates with bigger homes, who make more money, have more things, different mindsets. We compare ourselves to previous stages in our lives and expectations we have of ourselves.

And it gets us nowhere. Only breeding fear and insecurity, as we get into compare-and-despair mode.


‘Human beings have always benchmarked themselves against each other and have always felt a need to keep up with the Joneses. But nowadays, thanks to social media, we are bombarded with images that seem to show that the world at large is doing better than us,’ – The Daily Mail

You have a choice to stay in the comparison mindset or accept your present circumstances as divinely where you are meant to be at this exact moment in time. It may not always be that way but it is perfect in this moment. You are exactly where you need to be.

I without a doubt choose the latter. How about you?

Here are 10 signs you’re comparing yourself to others: