Over 40 & feeling frumpy? Try these 3 quick things to get an instant pick-me-up.

Over 40 & feeling frumpy? Try these 3 quick things to get an instant pick-me-up.

In my experience far too many women are over 40 & feeling frumpy and they’ve thrown in the proverbial towel on losing weight and getting their mojo back as the hormonal chaos of menopause approaches.

Amanda pulled herself up the stairs to my office huffing and puffing as she went. She’d tipped the 100kg mark on the scales as her 46th birthday approached and was filled with shame. “How did I get here?” she said, “it’s the heaviest I’ve ever been. I’ve tried eating healthier like I’ve done before but nothing’s happening . My body’s not dropping anything and I’m getting scared. I can’t stay here. I look like my mum and I swore I’d never do that to myself. Things have got to change. I need your help Julie, I can’t do this alone. I’ve had a few hot surges, especially at night and my period’s all over the place and heavy.”

I’m here to say not on my watch ladies! It’s all so fixable.

Here are 3 quick things to give you an instant pick me up and lose the feeling frumpy.


Hack #1 Real wholesome colourful foods.

It’s super simple ladies mainly plant based foods with a moderate amount of protein (beans, tofu, fish, chicken, lamb, beef, eggs…) and leave out all the fillers, numbers, artificial things, sugar and excess salt.

Stop listening to the hype and noise in the media that’s confusing the hell out of everyone. In real terms it’s a palm size piece of meat and three handfuls of a colourful array of vegetables, steamed or raw. Now, repeat often.

Remember the learning is in the doing. Start simple and improve over time. Model to your children to pass down great habits.

Real energy will soar with consistency, so no need for endless coffees, teas – one per day should be plenty.

Blood sugar levels will plummet and so will your waist line, fluid retention and feeling frumpy.


Hack #2 Move daily

This is Be Fit Foods co-founder Kate Save’s hot tip.

“Get out of bed and move every day and you’ll feel better and have more energy. Your energy is locked in your cells and moving releases that energy and sets you up for a better day with better decision making.” I’d have to agree 110% with this one.

Schedule a minimum of 20 minutes a day to oxygenate your cells and clear out the waste. Walk, jog, cycle, swim, kayak, Pilates, yoga, weights, dance….the possibilities are endless.

Set yourself up for a great day, don’t just hope for one.

It’s hard to be feeling frumpy when you’re bouncing with energy and kissing goodbye to the kilos.


Hack #3 Technology detox

Schedule in tech free time each day. To make sure you’re using technology it’s not using you. It wears you out all the swiping, liking and over comparing. Get in and get out.

I’m a big advocate for putting on an alarm one hour before bed (ideally 9pm), heralding fill myself up time – having a bath, reading a book, meditating, stretching, journaling or watching the stars.

Practice the art of being present – warm water caressing your body, cold air dancing on your face. It benefits you and everybody around you. You’ll have a great night sleep and dial down your stress barometer, which blocks weight loss, messes with your mood and gets you feeling frumpy.

Did you know being present hones your listening and empathy skills, vital for building and maintaining trust in relationships? And we all know better relationships equal a better life.


Do I hear you say, god that’s so simple. Is that all you have to do? Yes it is, the hard thing is being consistent. But the results are enormous and they’re long lasting because you’ve changed what you do everyday. Change your patterns, change your life.

Hope that’s got you started on your journey from feeling frumpy to fabulous! It’s never too late.

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Have You Come to Accept Feeling Tired and Exhausted as Normal?

Have You Come to Accept Feeling Tired and Exhausted as Normal?

Have you come to accept feeling tired and exhausted as normal? Jackie had.

Her doctor had told her being tired was part of being older and a grandmother and she’d do better if she lost the extra 10kg she was carrying, to reduce her risk of getting diabetes. If only it was that easy? Like clicking your fingers….10kgs be gone.

Exhausted? Craving sugar? Sex drive zero? Gaining kilos around your middle? That was Jackie. It’s a common story.

Jackie walked through my clinic with dark circles under her eyes and edged up the stairs slowly with a sigh. She looked like she was dragging herself through the day with gumboots filled with concrete. I could almost hear her say, does life have to be this hard. She didn’t look well.

Jackie had retired from her teaching job one year ago and was busier than ever with grandparent duties. She loved looking after her grandkids but was so exhausted and it was getting worse. Every night she craved ice cream and had a stash of lollies and chocolates in her bag, just in case she needed a boost. Her sex drive was zero, she could hardly make it to bed most nights, opting for the couch since the bed seemed so far away.

Her waist was expanding every month, the numbers going up, up and up.

Have you come to accept feeling tired and exhausted as normal?


11 Signs It’s Time For A Detox

11 Signs It’s Time For A Detox

Detox is certainly not a new concept. There’s hundreds of ways out there to cleanse and detox your body, anything from juice fasts, sipping bone broth to comprehensive programs. Many of which, may or may not tickle your fancy.

As a society more and more chemicals are in our food chain and environment. On a daily basis we’re exposed to pesticides, herbicides, BPAs, preservatives, artificial flavours and the list goes on. Our genetics haven’t caught up with the onslaught of all the chemicals and inflammatory and autoimmune conditions are on a steep rise.

The question is not should I do a detox, but when. So start listening to your body and if you’re experiencing any of these signs, think detox time now.


11 Signs it’s time for a detox: