How To Make The Perfect Salad Dressing

Most days in Summer and as the weather starts to warm up I try and have a big salad for my lunch or dinner, as I know my health improves when I do.

 What helps me to enjoy them as much as I do is the dressing. For me it’s the finishing touch that helps combine and marry all the fresh colours, textures and flavours that tantalize your taste buds and keeps you coming back for more.

A good dressing is essential and making your own is best.  There are two styles of dressing. The first is what I call a whisked or shaken dressing and it’s the quickest dressing to make in around 30 seconds. It basically consists of a heart healthy oil, a splash of acidity such as vinegar or lemon. I normally use 2 – 3 parts oil and 1 part vinegar that I whisk in a small bowl or pour into a glass jar and shake up. The second style is what I call a blended dressing, which can be made with any vegetable, herb or fruit blended with a little olive oil.