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Create Change In Your Life – I recently came across a Todd Herman interview that absolutely fascinated me and resonated with what I have observed over many years of being a practitioner.
He talked of the biology of change.
When we try to create change such as incorporate a new habit or skill or even break an old habit.
There are a cocktail of changes that happen to us on a cellular level.
We often don’t think about change affecting us chemically!

So at times we can misunderstand what is happening on the inside.
Our cells are constantly receiving information and replicating themselves and this can be done through positive reinforcement with the release of dopamine and endorphins (the feel good chemicals in our body) or negatively through cortisol (the stress hormone).
So this can affect what direction we choose to go in.
Is it self-sabotage and resistance?
With the self-talk or feeling of “this does not feel good” or “this is not feel right to me.”
Often our greatest breakthroughs will happen just after or during the feeling of “I just want to quit”.
The trick is to start doing and wait for the feeling to catch up. Give it time.
Actions lead to change and new results!
Our bodies crave the good stuff (dopamine, endorphins) that new supportive activities and habits bring.
Don’t misinterpret the good things that are happening in our body.
Create Change In Your Life – In the land of resistance and change there two types of brains.
The OW brain and the WOW brain.
In the land of OWW.
The obstacles are “not feeling this”, “not right for me”, “always been like this”, “I need to quit”.
The overriding feelings are boredom, stuckness, the need to feel safe.
So, ooww that hurts, it does not feel right and I want to retreat and stop.
For example, trying to more organised, new exercise program, food changes.
WOW brainers when going through resistance see things more pleasurable, get excited about new opportunities, can’t wait to see what’s going to happen next, they learn & grow.
They feel a WOW.
Underlying emotions are growth, confidence, adventure.
We can be a ow or a wow in different segments of our lives. Eg giving up choc cake, but good with exercise
When we overlap growth and confidence (wow) –> momentum – opposite of feeling stuck (ow).
Overlapping of confidence + adventure (wow)–> excitement – opposite of boredom (ow)
Growth represents transformation (wow) – opposite to safe (ow)
Leadership is the centre of growth, adventure and confidence.
5 steps to Create Change In Your Life and make it stick
1. Know what you are seeking
Have a clear specific vision, know what it looks like.
See the path.
Is it a small change or a new habit or skill?
 2. Set trigger goals
Micro changes to accomplish bigger goals.
Example, the first action to going to the gym 3 times a week is getting dressed in your gym gear 3 mornings a week. This will increase the probability that you will walk out the door on the way to the gym. Next is to have the intention to open the front door with the mission to get to the gym. 
 3. Set improvement goals
These are just numbered with dates attached.
They help to show you are improving or growing.
For example, increase the number of pushups from 5 –> 15 by certain date.
Anything measured improves & anything measured & reported improves exponentially
Find small areas of growth and add their effects together.
4. Gather a tribe around yourself
Coach, mentor, friend, online community.
Helpful people cheer you on.
They keep you accountable to improvements and trigger goals and they share with you.
Often they will think differently and influence your journey positively.
5. Create Change In Your Life – Script your setbacks
There is positive power in preparation for negative events.
For example, when somebody asks you if I want chocolate cake.  Rather than that looks good, I’ll have a bite you can definitively say no.
You can do this in lots of parts of your life.
Life isn’t all smooth sailing as we know!
Mental toughness is knowing what to do when things get tough.
Our willpower is often much reduced at the end of the day.
So we need to front load the day with all the changes we want to do.
When you are in a positive frame of mind think through the challenges.
If things don’t go the way you expect.
What are you going to do?, who are you going to talk to?, what are you going to feel and think?, what support system do you have?
For example, lay your gym gear out the night before so you are more likely to go through with exercise.
When it comes to creating change in your life, do you want to have an ow brain or a wow brain?
Where do you tend to go most often?
If you’ve been struggling with making a change which of the five steps will help you most?
Tell us about it in the comments below.