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Time Management Techniques – Are You Spending Your Time On The Right Stuff?

Have you ever tracked the time you spend on different activities each day?
It may be worth checking to see what they REALLY are?

Time Management Techniques – We are all busy…….but what are we busy AT?

Is how I THINK I spend the day and HOW I actually spend the day one and the same?
How much time do I spend on Facebook, emails, exercise, work tasks…….?

I have found having an electronic holiday can give you some real clarity?
So once you get real…..make some steps to get on track to spending your time on the right stuff.

And do you struggle with those voices that say…..“you could have got more done” ,“I don’t have enough time”?

Remember they are just thoughts.

Our minds tell us the same junk over and over again…..”you’re not good enough”, “you are not doing enough”.

Did you know research has found we have 65,000 thoughts/day and 95% of those thoughts are the same thoughts you had that day & the day before that?

So next time you have those thoughts…..REFRAME THEM. Time Management Techniques

“I have done the perfect amount today”, “I did a fantastic job”, “you are amazing”.

The reality is when we are happy and satisfied with our lives..….we are able to get more done!

List your TOP 5 PRIORITIES for your life.

An example may be,

1. Love, intimacy
2. Business/career
3. Family, friends
4. Health & spirituality
5. Creativity
Now over the last 30 days where did you spend your time?

Was it on your top 5 priorities?

Now, get honest with yourself……are your priorities really how you live or is it how you would like to live.

You now have 2 choices…..do I change my priority list or do I change my life to really align with my priorities for a happy, balanced & fulfilling life.

Set aside half an hour to plan your day each morning. It may sound foolish to plan to plan, but laying out the tasks you hope to achieve in the day, and thinking about your priorities can help get you in the right mindset to get it all done. –The Telegrapah

What changes did you make?