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But life’s funny! It sends you down particular paths and helps you find your calling.  Until one day, you realize you’re a specialist in something!



Thyroid Testing

Feeling tired?

Can’t lose weight?

Craving sugar?


No interest in sex?

Waking regularly?

Losing hair?



Feeling the cold?

These are some of the symptoms of an underactive thyroid.

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Research shows us that over 40% of Australian women have an undiagnosed, underactive thyroid gland. That’s a lot of women feeling pretty ordinary! If you think you may be one of these women, I can help you get back on track to looking and feeling great.


What is your thyroid and what does it do?

Located on the neck, just below the Adam’s apple, the main job of the thyroid is to place thyroid hormones into the bloodstream that control your metabolism.  In essence, the thyroid gland is the major player in controlling how many calories you burn.  Hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid) makes it very difficult to lose weight around your middle, regardless of diet or exercise.


Thyroid Specialisation Mornington – What’s involved in the testing?

In the past, blood tests have been used to determine hypothyroidism.  However, they don’t tell the whole story.  In fact, you could have received ‘normal’ blood test results but still actually be suffering from an underactive thyroid.

The best way to test for hypothyroidism is a non-invasive medical screening test. Developed by American thyroid specialists, Dr. Konrad Kail and Dr. Daryl Turner, it’s been proven to accurately diagnose thyroid issues.  It’s simple and won’t hurt a bit!

Once correctly diagnosed, I can help you balance your thyroid through the use of herbal medicines, nutritional supplements and medication (if required).  With the correct balance, you will find your health improves dramatically, you’ll lose weight more easily and you will feel great once again.

Get in touch with me today, your Thyroid Specialisation Mornington! Let’s sort out the problem together.