Sizzle, Not Fizzle!


Lost your spark?
Want to get it back?

Want to feel better?
Is life as good as it could be?

Have you stumbled off the path to happiness?
Feeling stressed & unwell often?
It’s easy….



Sizzle, Not Fizzle! is full of real-life experiences, stories, and actionable steps that can give you real and reliable results. Seeing is believing, so take a look at the first 2 chapters of Julie’s new book here

Feeling Great Naturopath

The Author

Julie Smethurst is an author, speaker, consultant, naturopath, and owner of Feeling Great Health Solutions, with twenty-five-plus years in the health industry.

She initially gained insight as a pharmacist working around Australia, where her passion flourished for devising solutions to chronic unwellness that couldn’t be solved merely by taking medication. Her firsthand insights and diverse talents along with her sense of fun, simplicity, and passion have been voraciously embraced by thousands, and outstanding results are achieved alongside laughter. She loves what she does, and it shows. Health isn’t just about diet and exercise; joy, hope, and empowerment are essential in the context of a methodology that generates a plan and tools for the individual.

Julie provides insight, education, and tools to help make you feel alive, allowing you to thrive with vitality and health. Through consults, retreats, workshops, webinars, online courses, and much more, Julie teaches people what actions to take to get whatever they want out of life. Julie is dedicated to helping others grow their capabilities to the next level of wellness and fulfilment, no matter where people are in the process right now.

Julie is infectiously passionate, practical, and real. She is highly sought after in the arenas of mindset, energy, and weight loss. She lives on the beached shores of Mornington Peninsula, just outside of Melbourne. Her clan includes two teenage boys and a partner of over twenty years, a family with a thirst for adventure and travel.