Naturopath Mornington – The Process

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The Process

Working with a naturopath can be daunting for some first-timers.  You’re not sure what kind of ‘hocus-pocus’ is going to be performed, what is expected of you, or what curly questions might be asked.  Well, relax.  I can assure you when you visit me, you will feel at ease, calm and in control.


So what happens at Feeling Great?

The healing starts from the minute you arrive.  Your consultation will take place in a nurturing space that is inviting, serene and comfortable.

I provide you with an environment where you feel safe to voice your concerns, ask questions (no matter how curly!) and get personal.  My aim is to help you reach your optimal state of health and wellness – so all information is good information!


What happens first in our Naturopath Mornington clinic?

On making an appointment I send you questionnaires to fill out so I can assess your presenting signs, symptoms and habits. This enables me to fully utilise our one on one time for testing and qualifying the most important presenting issues, and then working out your health goals.


What happens next?

Our initial consultation will be one hour long and is about determining what’s working and what isn’t.

  • You are given the time to discuss any of your health concerns in depth.
  • Your health history is thoroughly examined.
  • You may be offered a range of tests depending on your individual needs.
  • You have access to high quality, practitioner-only products.
  • You are given a personalised diet and lifestyle strategies.
  • You have access to expert advice on nutritional supplements and herbal medicines.
  • Your specific health needs with have health advice tailored to them.


Machines and tests used in our Naturopath Mornington clinic

There are a number of great tools a naturopath can use to assist their clients on the path to better health.  To be sure of what is actually going on in the body, a naturopath needs to start with a range of tests.  Initial testing can involve the following depending on your needs:

  • body composition (measures fat and muscle composition, hydration, energy levels and inflammation),
  • zinc testing,
  • blood pressure testing,
  • blood glucose testing,
  • thyroflex (assess thyroid function on a cellular level),
  • functional testing – salivary, urine, blood (if needed)


What to expect long term

  • Lasting results – wellness tools for life
  • Increased awareness of your body and its needs
  • Better health, increased vitality, energy and clarity
  • Greater peace and contentment knowing you have somebody to help to navigate the health system


Naturopath Mornington – How often do I have to go back?

Your return consultation is 45 minutes long.  It is here that you’ll receive a report of findings with all your test results. We’ll talk through them then negotiate a treatment plan that is manageable for you. This plan is implemented immediately.

Follow up appointments (20-30 minutes) at varying intervals from fortnightly to monthly are arranged to help you step along your path to wellness so you can reach your specific health goals.  I am also able to answer any small queries in between by email.  I have a huge range of resources, referrals and inspirational material to enable you to reach your health goals.


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