Whether consciously or unconsciously, many people are frustrated with their body shape and size and often list ‘weight’ as a major concern. They worry endlessly over their body’s appearance many times a day. This niggling worry and frustration can take up valuable headspace, deeply affecting their self-esteem and influencing their moods.

Imagine for a moment what life might be like if you truly stopped worrying about your size or the appetite you feel you can’t trust. If you didn’t wake up thinking about what you will or won’t eat that day or how much exercise you might be able to squeeze in and what the consequences will be if you don’t.

Most people will tell you, that you have to lose weight to be healthy, but the reverse is actually true, you need to be healthy to lose weight.

And the concept of calories as the ONLY factor that influences weight loss is SO OUTDATED. There are many factors that affect whether your body is getting a message to burn fat or store it – calories, stress, gut health, liver function, thyroid, sex hormones, insulin, nervous system and emotions.

So, all of these need to be addressed for you to get to the heart of your success formula for lasting results.

Working together we can solve your weight loss puzzle, giving you support, guidance and getting to the heart of your ‘whys’ – why you eat emotionally, why you choose poor quality food even though you know better, why you just can’t seem to shift excess body fat no matter how hard you try, why dieting can’t be sustained and why eating certain foods can transform your health.

One universal truth I do know is, to effortlessly make choices that serve your health is to get back in touch with the amazingness of your own body. I have never seen sustainable change come from judgment, fear and criticism, rather from loving kindness, understanding and encouragement.

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Enjoy having somebody on your team who has had thousands of successes and lives what she teaches every day and will hold your hand to keep you resourced, accountable and inspired for lasting results.

To your best year yet,

Julie xx