Cherish The Moment Mother and son on sunset holding by hands

Be Real In Your Relationships And Cherish The Moment

Many of us have strategies for our business or for our own self-improvement, but we assume growth and fulfilment in a relationship will happen naturally. If you take that approach you will grow—you’ll grow apart. Relationships, just like anything else, require regular maintenance to keep going strong. All relationships are based on need, and if you or your partner aren’t meeting each other’s needs, it could be the beginning of the end. Cherish The Moment!

One thing that really keeps the spark in a relationship is authenticity. Be real with each other. Celebrate the silly, embarrassing moments between you. If you can make each other laugh, then you share an energy that makes the connection between you much stronger. You’ll also build up the positive association that links this person to very high levels of pleasure until you can’t imagine life without this source of tremendous joy.

There’s no such thing as a passionate relationship without the occasional fight. The trick is to turn it into an opportunity to bring more fun energy to the relationship. If you can play fight, you’ll change the meaning of the argument. Sure, you still disagree. Nothing can change that.

We’re all driven by different needs, even our significant others, and sometimes that puts us on opposite sides of an issue. But why not turn up the fun on the fight? If you raise your voice, do it in a goofy accent and jump around like an angry cartoon character. Make the whole thing seem ridiculous. Not only will it ease the tension of the situation, but you’ll come to a resolution faster when you’re both in this relaxed state from laughing at each other.

Life is best when we can cherish what’s beautiful in every moment, and better yet when we get to share that appreciation with a partner.