Sizzle, Not Fizzle!


Secrets to Bringing the Spark Back into Your Life

“If anyone can take you from fizzling to sizzling, it’s Julie! It worked for me; my depleted energy levels were restored by applying Julie’s easy to implement lifestyle and dietary changes. It’s the Green Tonic!” – Kathryn Chowantez




Has your sizzle fizzled?

Have you lost your spark?

Do you constantly feel exhausted, overwhelmed or deflated?

Do you struggle to shift those excess kilos?

Are you always asking if life is meant to be this hard?

It is time that your life oozed with energy, purpose, and passion, my friend!

Energy is the base of everything. Do you want to maximise yours naturally? Are you ready to regain your spark, your sense of purpose and passion to live your best life? The world needs more people who have come alive. Whether you are a stay-at-home mum, a CEO of a corporation, or a triathlete, it’s really about being the best version of you.


Supercharge your spark by using six simple steps, a framework that will change your patterns, habits, and mind-set to create long-lasting, sustainable results. Your family, friends, and colleagues will love you for it.

Energy is the base of everything. Let’s inject this ingredient to move you from fizzling to sizzling! Finally break the cycle that has kept you overwhelmed and exhausted. Transform into an empowered, energised version of yourself, on track to living your best life.


Simple, practical tools and concepts to help you regain your spark and allow you to live as the best version of you.

  • Gain clarity on your vision and goals for your best life
  • Learn tips to maximise your energy naturally
  • Set up rituals for sustainable change
  • Master strategies on how to remove clutter from all areas of your life
  • Learn how to stop filling your life with things you don’t want
  • Benefit from tips on removing obstacles
  • Utilise these effective tools to shift from a lack to an abundance mentality
  • Find out how to recharge regularly and sustainably
  • Learn tools to take control of your life and align with your values
  • Create a toolbox that you can use every day to live your best life

“You can’t medicate yourself out of a bad lifestyle. It’s what you do most days that counts.” – Julie Smethurst