Online Program – Oct 2019

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An exclusive and interactive 6-week online program that has been meticulously designed to bring back the spark in you.

Week 1 starts on 29th of October 2019 (Tuesday) and over the course of six weeks, you’ll learn how to create real energy within yourself that is consistent, empowering and life-changing.

You will have access to a private Facebook group, weekly video calls that will be recorded for your convenience, and email access to me so I can answer all your questions and help you as much as possible.

Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired all the time? Then it’s time to transform your tired life with consistent real energy!




This program is truly unique. I’ll personally lead you through 3 distinct phases that each serves the purpose of setting you up for true and lasting change to move you into the next phase of your life that addresses transformation.


I’m going to set you up to win right away.

Everybody needs solid foundations to build upon for real & lasting change.

We’ll do it in a way that feels good because if it feels good, you’ll want to do more of it.

Working against desires doesn’t work long term.

We’ll get real about what long-term nutrition looks like for you, based on how your body responds to foods.

Get you falling in love (or back in love) with working out, an essential ingredient for longevity and sustained transformation.

Week 3 & 4: DECLUTTER & LET GO

This is where the real fun starts. Getting rid of what no longer works or serves you physically & mentally… to make room for what does.

By this stage, you’ll be starting to look & feel better than you have done in years. So, this is when we’ll kick things up a notch to maximise your transformation into the best version of YOU.


In the final two weeks, I’m going to fine-tune your energy for lasting change – rebalancing & replenishing. You’re going to feel like a new woman.

You will have an ongoing maintenance plan for lasting transformation.

When you’re in a great state, you make great decisions, so you’ll be set up for success.

Your focus now is on setting goals that inspire and excite you rather than getting by.