How to Change Your Life for the Better – When Was The Last Time You Had A Holiday or a Break-Away?


By holiday I mean even a mini-break of 3 days or ideally longer than 2 weeks.

If it is longer than 6 months… one NOW!

How to Change Your Life for the Better - Couple in white relax on a tropical beach at Maldives

After returning from a great break away only recently it so confirms my motto

How to Change Your Life for the Better – “you can’t medicate out of a bad lifestyle”. – Julie Smethurst

The only way is to change your lifestyle is to step out of it for a time. Click here for travel tips.

Every holiday changes your life, but usually only temporarily. The prime motive for a holiday is to shift to a different location, whether a seaside hotel, a ski chalet or a safari camp. As the philosopher Alain de Botton observed in these pages in 2004, “The prospect of a holiday is liable to persuade even the most downcast person that life is worth living.”On holiday, you switch from your everyday routine to far more exciting prospects: cultural or scenic wonders, exotic cuisine and interesting people. Or you might just mess about in the water. – INDEPENDANT

It is so rejuvenating.

For me it is getting away from home and running in the rain, plunging into the ocean, laughing uncontrollably, getting out of my comfort zone, breathing in the fresh air, meeting new people, dancing in life.

How to Change Your Life for the Better - Mother and son on sunset holding by hands

It is so essential to our wellbeing.

And we must do it often. It allows us time to step out of life and assess what needs to change or we need to tweak in our lives.

The key question I ask myself is ‘How can I lovingly improve on what already exists?’

Really feeling gratitude for life, family, nature, your freedom and for yourself…. just as you are.

So for me….when you change your lifestyle………you really change your life!


And for me it is so important to practice what I preach so I am off on an Italian adventure in October for 3 weeks…….can’t wait!