Treat Low Libido Naturally – Libido Taken A Serious Nose Dive? Here’s 4 Reasons Why & 6 Hacks To Get It Sorted

 Treat Low Libido Naturally

Libido taken a serious nose dive? I liken sex drive to the canary in the coal mine of your overall physical and mental health.

After years of helping people who’ve lost their spark or mojo. I know that lousy sex drive, no energy, poor sleep, skin problems, and bloating aren’t symptoms that can be fixed fast with a tablet or an injection. They are your body telling you something is wrong with your hormones.

4 Causes of Low Sex Drive

Overall 70 percent of low sex drive is due to misfiring hormones. Of course, there are other considerations, such as relationship issues, communication problems, mismatch of expectations and style. These all need to be explored and renegotiated for a greater sexual connection.

Although, a lesser known truth is that your hormones start to change when you’re in your twenties, not just in menopause. Your hormones operate in an intricate maze of biofeedback loops, whereby when one is out it creates a domino effect down the line.

As you take on more in your life, your cortisol, or main stress hormone rises and starts to rob your other sex hormones. Testosterone and DHEA begin to decline, and so does your adaptability to stress. Your oestrogen and/or progesterone can drop, causing you to have oestrogen dominance or PMS. You may experience high testosterone, such as with polycystic ovarian syndrome or low testosterone, as a result of excess stress or aging. Or your thyroid may start to cough and splutter.

Physical issues that can cause low libido include low testosterone, prescription medicines, too little or too much exercise, and alcohol and drug use. Psychological issues can include depression, stress, and problems in your relationship. – WebMD

Here are the tell-tale signs of each:

  1. Cortisol is too high, too low, or a combination.

Dysfunctional stress is a top cause of most hormonal imbalance. One of the earliest signs is lowered libido. Here are the signs of unbalanced cortisol:

  • Feeling tired but wired
  • Feeling overwhelmed running from task to task
  • Craving sugar or carbs
  • Trouble falling or staying asleep
  • Feeling like you have nothing left in the tank
  • Weight gain, especially around waist
  • Fluctuating blood sugar— high, low, or both
  • Flaring skin conditions, like eczema


  1. Estrogen is too high, too low, or a combination.

When your oestrogens are in balance with its counter hormone, progesterone, your mood is stable, your period arrives on time, your skin is clear. When it’s too high or low, you may get one or more signs of unbalanced estrogen:

  • Fluid retention or bloating
  • Abnormal Pap smears
  • Periods ranging from super heavy to light or absent.
  • Breast cysts or tenderness
  • PMS or mood swings
  • Hips or breasts gain weight rapidly.
  • Migraines
  • Red flush of the face, or rosacea
  • Dryness or atrophy of vagina


  1. Thyroid is too low.

Sluggish thyroid can be secondary to high cortisol from chronic stress, or autoimmune destruction, such as Hashimoto’s thyroiditis or from exposure to endocrine disrupters like bisphenol A. You can tell your thyroid is spluttering when you feel lacklustre in most areas. The signs of low thyroid can include:

  • Fatigue, especially in mornings
  • Rising weight gain for no particular reason
  • Feeling down and irritated
  • Craving sugar especially mid afternoon
  • Dry, straw-like hair that tangles easily
  • Hair loss or thinning, especially of lashes and outer third of eyebrow
  • Cold hands and feet, or intolerance of cold
  • Constipation
  • Brain fog

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  1. Testosterone is too high, too low, or a combination.

High testosterone is characteristic in polycystic ovarian syndrome, which affects about 10 percent of women. Low testosterone is more common as you age, which shows up as feeling down, low sex drive and grumpiness. Hence ‘grumpy old man’ syndrome.

Testosterone starts to decrease in your 20s. Another cause of low testosterone is taking oral contraceptives. The Pill raises your sex-hormone-binding globulin, which is like a sponge that soaks up the free and therefore biologically available testosterone in the body. As a result, you may experience low sex drive and vaginal dryness. In some cases, this doesn’t resolve even after a year and your hormones need to be rebalanced. Here are the signs of unbalanced testosterone:

  • Greasy skin or acne
  • Rogue hairs, especially on face, chest, or arms
  • Skin tags
  • Anxiety or depression
  • Fatigue
  • Loss of confidence
  • Muscles atrophy or reduced respond to weight training
  • Irregular menstruation (cycle length 35 days or longer)
  • Infertility or subfertility


6 Hacks To Regain Your Sex Drive – Treat Low Libido Naturally

I believe it’s both possible and important for you to maintain a strong sex drive long past your childbearing years. Of course, libido will naturally wax and wane. It takes a little work—maintaining balanced hormones, trying some proven botanicals and a little self-love. You deserve to have the choice. Keep reading to find out how you can Treat Low Libido Naturally.

  1. Add maca powder to a daily smoothie.

I’m a big fan of a daily green smoothie to top you up with the good stuff for the day, either alone or combined with something else. Add 1 Tablespoon maca powder to nourish your hormones. Maca is native to Peru and raises your sex drive and reduces anxiety and depression. Great for low oestrogen.

  1. Support and nourish your adrenal glands to produce more testosterone.

Prioritise and schedule in self-care to get those adrenals producing DHEA which converts to testosterone. Gives a whole new meaning to relaxing, unwinding and recharging.

  1. Bring pleasure into your everyday life.

A great ay to Treat Low Libido Naturally is adding pleasure to your day in simple ways can truly improve your ability to feel pleasure in the bedroom. Studies reveal the state in which a woman enters a sexual experience has a greater influence on the positive outcome of the event than the skill of the partner.

Small steps can bring about big changes. For example, play your favorite album during your morning commute, treat yourself to a massage, have a hot bath in the evening or pick yourself some gorgeous flowers. This is a great way to Treat Low Libido Naturally.

You’ll start to notice a difference in how you feel about yourself, your body, and sex.

  1. Find out what you like.

Do some research, get creative. Add variety, spice it up a little. Online courses, videos, articles, workshops, orgasmic meditations ….there’s loads out there. Have a dabble.

  1. Eat right to combat estrogen overload.

Too much estrogen starts your sex drive waning. Time to get your oestrogen clearance pathways in your liver and gut humming along.

Turn down the alcohol, turn up the green smoothie, dandelion root tea, vegetables, water and regular exercise. Eat good quality proteins (eggs, fish, nuts) and good quality fats (seeds, avocado, olives, coconut oil) can help improve your overall hormonal balance.

  1. Visit your health professional.

If you’d rather mop the floor than have sex, there’s a good chance there’s a hormone problem. Come visit me to find out the root cause and find a natural solution. Sometimes the culprit is overwork and high stress; sometimes it’s a medication, like the Pill or an antidepressant. Get the help you need to test your hormones and come up with a smart plan.Treat Low Libido Naturally – Book here to get started ASAP.

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