Hormones and Weight Loss Problems – ARE YOUR HORMONES MAKING YOU FAT?

Did you know you can have an underactive thyroid even when your standard blood tests are normal?

Imagine waking up each morning and bouncing out of bed after a great night sleep, happy and energized for the day. As you pass the mirror, you admire your body. People ask, what is your secret? Sound too good to be true?

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If don’t feel this way, you may have a hormonal imbalance. Research has uncovered that over 40% of women may have an undiagnosed, underactive thyroid gland.

Here’s a mind-bender: Being overweight often has nothing to do with calories or exercise. For a huge number of us, the problem is instead about misfiring hormones. – Prevention

Hormones and Weight Loss Problems Read on to find out the correlation.


The thyroid gland controls your body’s ability to burn calories, produce energy, have mental clarity and perform at your best. When it is under functioning, no matter how many calories you cut or extra exercise you do, it is impossible to shed those extra kilos.


Blood test (TSH) may not tell the whole story. Detecting how much thyroid hormone is in your bloodstream, does not identify what is working in your tissues. So, if you do have a problem it may not be picked up by your doctor.


American thyroid specialists, Dr Konrad Kail and Dr Daryl Turner developed a quick, non-invasive medical thyroid screening test, which has been used by integrative US doctors for the past seven years to accurately diagnose and treat thyroid issues. Once the thyroid is balanced with nutrients and medication you can easily lose weight, increase your energy and feel happier in yourself. So if you suspect your thyroid isn’t working quite right come visit me for a FREE test.

You deserve to feel fantastic every day!

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