Feel like your brain is broken more often than not?

I hear it a lot.

I can’t think – I lose my train of thought so easily.

My brain is so foggy. I feel like I have dementia. My memory is shot.

I keep having those ‘why did I come into this room moments?’

Prone to bouts of anxiety or feeling down?

Functional medicine works so beautifully here to get you out of struggle zone.

When you increase the health of your brain it works better and so does the rest of your body.


Want to think with ease, feel sharper and clear headed?

Good brain health makes life easier. All you need to do is get your foundations right then fine tune from there.


What causes a broken brain?

Not being aware of the simple choices you can make every day regarding food, beverages, movement, sleep, environment and more that affect your mood, energy and brain health. Your brain can recover given the right conditions.

Things that damage your brain are – not enough good fats, too many refined carbs & sugar, poor circulation, stress, being overweight and much more.


We are NOT stuck with the brain we have – your brain changes due to neuroplasticity – you can make your brain better.

Also a healthy gut equals a healthy brain.


9 Tips to Improving Your Brain Health –

  1. Increase wholefood carbs – like a range of colourful vegetables (high in antioxidants, detoxifying, anti-inflammatory & energy producing nutrients) and smaller amount of fruit (max 3 pieces/day), legumes (lentils, beans, etc), nuts, seeds (quinoa, chia, buckwheat) & non-gluten grains (rice, corn). This keeps your gut microbiome healthy and clears toxins from your body, so your hormones stay balanced.
  2. Protein at every meal – eggs, nuts, fish, beans, lentils, etc. Protein is your building blocks & nutrient carriers. When you skimp on these your brain ages.
  3. Increasing your circulation – daily exercise, adding more ginger, pepper, rosemary or gingko to your diet. For your brain to function well it needs good blood flow. High inflammatory markers narrows your blood vessels & reduces blood flow. Low blood flow is linked to depression, Alzheimer’s, ADHD, heart disease & high blood pressure. Note if you have an erectile dysfunction problem you probably have a blood flow problem somewhere else. Chronic inflammation throughout your body narrows blood vessels. So fixable when you get your foundations right with daily choices.
  4. Never stop learning – Dancing, racket ball (using eye, hand & leg co-ordination all at once), new language, conversations with different generations…
  5. Add good fats (avocado, nuts, leafy greens, seeds, fish, coconut oil) to your diet – Did you know 25% of cell membranes in brain are made of omega 3 fats? Good fats enable your brain to talk well to itself. In an Australian study reduced levels of omega 3 increased depression five fold.
  6. Maintaining a lean body – excess fat is also stored in your brain & reduces the size & weight of your brain. Also increases inflammation, stores fat soluble toxins & chemicals & increases levels of certain bad cancer producing oestrogens.
  7. Dial down on food additive, preservatives, trans fats, sugar, chemicals – they’re disrupting your brain & biochemistry. Real food is best.
  8. Sleep & rest – Your circadian rhythm is just as important as hours in bed.
  9. Getting outdoors – fresh air and sunshine can’t be replaced. Essential for healthy brain – get outdoors at lunchtime or make it a priority


If you need help getting a plan together? Already done the tips & you’re still struggling – come see me there could be a deeper issue like bad gut bugs, hidden food reactions, detoxification problems, high chemical or toxin loads, hormonal imbalance and more.

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