Have you hit your 40’s & feel as though the wheels are falling off your life?


I mean let’s just look at what’s going on for you right now….


Exhaustion, overwhelm, anxiety, irritation, waking up feeling like you’ve never slept, stacking weight on around the middle, feeling bloated, foggy brained, hot flushes, aching all over, you feel like you’re ageing overnight and everything is drying out – skin, hair, down below, your sex drive has bottomed out and it’s a struggle to get through the day juggling all your balls and there’s a lot of them these days – kids, ageing parents, work, partner, friends, me time..

But even that’s not the full story because the thoughts on the loop in your head are scaring the crap out of you!

Secretly, you’re feeling like you’ve lost YOU forever.

Wondering if this all there is?

Where did I go? That crazy, fun loving girl…

What will hitting 50, 60 or 70 look like for me?

I’m scared about where to from here?

It frik’n sucks!

Peri-menopause has arrived my friend and it’s time to pay attention because if you don’t get pro-active about this stage in your life it’s going to get even tougher from here.


So if you feel like you’re going crazy, developing dementia or have a terminal illness and you’ve noticed strange things happening (hello peri-menopause) you’ll no doubt have been searching for answers to deal with this beast and becoming overwhelmed by the plethora of information out there that’s just adding to your panic.

Maybe you’ve even taken some action and had tests done by your doctors but hasn’t gotten you anywhere because your doc is recommending HRT and you’re freaked out because you know enough already to know there are risks involved in going down this route, (maybe you’ve heard that Hormone replacement means increased risk of breast, endometrial or ovarian cancer).

So you’re stuck!

You’re not feeling yourself, you want to do something about how you’re feeling but with all of the information around you you’re finding it impossible to take action because you’re not sure what the right action for you IS!

The first thing I want to say to you is this…..what you’re feeling right now is normal. REALLY normal, and I can have you feeling like a million bucks within a handful of weeks….the YOU that was vibrant and sparkly and energetic and excited about life is still inside you…and I can help you get back to her, only better.

I’m in a very unique position to help you because I have a weird but fabulous set of skills that make me the best at what I do.

I’m a naturopath but I’m also a pharmacist, I spent many years handing out the medications your doctor want’s to  prescribe you, I know the markers they’re looking for and I know how doctors want to treat you but instead I’m able to draw on my naturopathy skills to treat you in a natural way that works.

Plus I’m a life-coach and on a journey like this one you’re going to need someone to help you manage your crazy and deal with any life stuff that comes up that is making this whole peri-menopause thing a lot tougher than it needs to be.

SO..want to get this thing sorted in a natural, holistic way that honours you?

I’m going to help you cut through the overwhelm & bring ALL of the strategies, treatments, nutrition and supplements together in a simple, effective & practical way that gets results.

I’ll hold your hand & step you through to the other side.

I want to see you feeling the best you have in a long time.

I want to help you to find yourself again after years of being focused on everyone else.

Trust me when I say your health is your freedom.

I’m going to show you how to cherish your body because it’s the only place you have to live.

I’m going to help you find your way out of the midlife maze of hormonal chaos because I know it can be a rocky road.

If so …..it’s time.

It’s time to turn this thing around and get you looking and feeling the best you’ve ever looked in your life.

I want you to know that this transition doesn’t have to be rocky but it IS time to make some changes.

Your body is creating significantly less oestrogen, typically around 48-50 years, but can be much earlier or later. It’s a time when hormone production is changing and rebalancing, your ovaries slow down, your body starts producing oestrogen, progesterone and testosterone at other sites, like your adrenal glands, body fat, skin and brain.

In a nutshell, you’re ageing faster than you’d like, you’re stacking on weight and you’re exhausted.

To get a little “medical” on you for a moment….our endocrine system is ovaries, adrenals, thyroid, pancreas and ALL of this is intricately balanced and interconnected so one problem leads to another creating a cascade of symptoms that wreak havoc.

This is where chemicals in our food chain and environment wreak havoc, causing hormonal chaos acting as pretend oestrogens and driving breast and ovarian cancer. Did you know that environmental chemicals are linked to early menopause and that early menopause means you’re at a higher risk for things like heart disease for longer?

It’s essential to be mentally and physically as healthy as possible as you enter this new phase.

I like to look at peri-menopause as a rite of passage – a time to reset for the next life stage so let’s use peri-menopause as the prompt you need to put yourself first and overhaul what’s not working in your life – make this thing work FOR you instead of feeling out of control and at its mercy.

Let me help you get back to living your best life because while the changes in our bodies are nothing to write home about, we’re entering into a phase in our lives where we have more time freedom than ever before and we’re more cashed up than we’ve ever been.


These next years have the potential to be the best years of your life.


So let me take you on a journey over the next 3 months, a journey that’s going to transform the way you live this next phase of your life.

Sound good? Then please keep reading…

My philosophy is this:  LET’S DO THIS RIGHT & LET’S DO IT ONCE

You don’t need a patch job on this thing, what you need true lasting transformation, physically and mentally because you can’t cheat your way back to your best and there are no shortcuts…something you’ve probably already figured out by now.

As tempting as it is to turn to the abundance of quick fixes on offer out there we all know the inflated promises are BS and what you’re really buying is hope…but hope ain’t gonna get your ass in shape and have you feeling better than you’ve ever felt in your life.  So I’m not offering you a quick fix.

What I am asking you to do is make a 3-month commitment to getting you back to your very best.

LASTING change is created over time and we will have 3 months to craft yours.

The journey I take you on is exciting, empowering, educational, habit-forming with an occasional challenge thrown in…but I know you’re up for that 🙂



I’ve drawn on the experience and wisdom I’ve gained over 50 years on the planet, my qualifications, training and education as a naturopath, pharmacist and life coach to bring you a multi-faceted program that covers all the bases when it comes to successfully transforming your body, mind and soul.

This program is truly unique as I lead you through 3 distinct phases that each serves the purpose of setting you up for true and lasting change to move you into the next phase of your life that addresses transformation.


I’m going to set you up to win right away.

Everybody needs solid foundations to build upon for real lasting change.

We’ll do it in a way that feels good because if it feels good you’ll want to do more of it.

Working against desires doesn’t work long term.

We’ll get real about what long term nutrition looks like for you, based on how your body responds to foods.

Get you falling in love (or back in love) with working out, an essential ingredient for longevity and sustained transformation.


This is where the real fun starts. Getting rid of what no longer works or serves you physically & mentally.…to make room for what does.

By this stage, you’ll be starting to look and feel better than you have done in years. So, this is when we’ll kick things up a notch to maximise your transformation into the best version of YOU.


In Month Three I’m going to fine-tune your hormones for lasting change – rebalancing and replenishing. You’re going to feel like a new woman.

You will have an ongoing maintenance plan for lasting transformation.

When you’re in a great state you make great decisions, so you’ll be set up for success.

Your focus now is on setting goals that inspire and excite you rather than getting by.



While coaching plays an integral role in your success you also need the right testing (so I can be sure I’m treating you the right way for your unique set of test results) PLUS any and all supplements you need to give your body what it needs.


This is a complete and integrated solution.




When you enter this program I am ALL IN with you and I expect you to be all in too because we will be spending a lot of time together.

The reason most transformational approaches fail is due to lack of accountability so a large part of this program is about that.

I’ll be there leading you back to your best self every step of the way.

My commitment to you is 90 days of support, where I have my eyes & ears on you so you’re guaranteed to push through any challenges.

Lasting change takes time and commitment and by offering this program I’m able to create the environment for success.

It’s not cheap…..but it’s great value – all testing and supplements are included.

It will be challenging at times.

But I promise it WILL be worth it.

Sound like a plan? Then LET’S TALK!



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You’ll start to feel a change within the first week (!) and from there it’ll just get better over the coming weeks.


There will be periods of times when I’ll be asking you to give up caffeine, alcohol & more that no longer serves the new you but most people are able to reintroduce these things in small amounts once the healing phase is over.

It can be tough for some when they have to give up their daily coffee and evening wine, but it’s always worth it and I promise, even though it may not feel like it right now you’ll become SO addicted to the way you feel that you’ll be far more conscious and considered about what you put in your body and why.


Salivary sex hormone and adrenal testing is included, valued at $210

Food intolerance testing if needed, valued at $280


I will tailor make a prescription based on your needs, but it will address energy, gut, liver, detoxification and hormone production.

This will be aimed at maximising your health transformation over the 3 month intensive with me.


NONE! I know how easily costs can add up when you’re undertaking something like this so everything you need to get your spark back is included in this package, I don’t want you distracted by the cost of things and taking shortcuts to save a dollar here and there.

By creating this complete package I know you’ll have everything you need to get the result you’re after.


I’ve been doing this a LONG time, I’ve never had anyone not get a result if they do as I ask, that said every woman and every body is different so your results will vary compared with the next woman but be assured that in our discovery call I’ll manage your expectations about what is possible for you based on what I know.