Emma strode into the café her eyes sparkled, positive energy exuded from every pore and filled the space around her like a radiant star. She had a zest for living that showed in the way she walked, sat, talked, smiled and laughed. It was infectious. I could feel other’s close by thinking, ‘I want what she’s got’. How do I get my spark back?


As I sat and heard Emma’s story, I quickly learnt it hadn’t always been that way. She’d been a bitch (her words!) and hard to be around in a marriage that had blocked her from pursuing her passion and purpose. Her husband just didn’t believe in what she wanted to do – alternative healing – and blocked her at every turn. After 5 years of not being her best self, the day came when she realised she couldn’t be the person he wanted her to be and be happy about it.

Once she got clear on what she wanted her life to have more of, she pursued it and her empowerment grew. A wise mentor had said ‘live the way you want to be happy, as long as nobody gets hurt, relationships will either fall away or adapt and get on board’. Unfortunately, her marriage didn’t adapt to her happiness changes and it fell away.

Emma said:” Looking back now, we were in two different worlds. In that environment I’d forgotten what it was like to feel good. What I’d learnt and had resonated with me over time, was in complete contradiction to what was happening in my marriage. It was like my soul was being ripped out. It’s even hard to go back and remember it all now, many years later.”

For Emma the key was self-responsibility. She vividly remembers starting a new year and saying the same old shit and thinking, “I can’t keep doing this!” It was hard being honest. She knew what the repercussions would lead to, but she couldn’t live a lie any longer.


I was inspired to share Emma’s story about getting her spark back as I’m in final editing of my book, Sizzle Not Fizzle, Secrets To Bringing the Spark Back into Your Life, where I share my own story of self-responsibility.

In my role as naturopath and wellness coach I’m constantly helping people get their spark back. It’s so rewarding seeing them come alive again! I hear stories like Emma’s often. The transformation takes clarity, energy, rituals, decluttering and recharging mixed with courage and self-responsibility over a period of time.

So, have you lost your spark? Be honest.

Is it pulsating away under all the stuff you’ve collected, bought, tolerated and taken on over a lifetime?

We’re all born with a spark that burns brightly. Is it time to get your spark back?

Emma’s parting advice for getting your spark back is –

  • take one day at a time
  • surround yourself with the people you’d like to become like
  • get clear on how you want to feel (blissful, happy, abundant…) and use that as your daily goal
  • set daily practices to create empowering habits and mindset
  • give yourself permission to be happy
  • keep a gratitude journal
  • hone your resources for finding a way
  • create positive meanings and learning, rather than getting stuck and playing victim.

I help women just like Emma to:

  • get clear on what they want,
  • maximise their energy,
  • create uplifting and sustaining rituals,
  • declutter – mentally, physically and externally
  • recharge – physically and emotionally
  • empower themselves

Click here if you need help to get your spark back.

Much love & happiness,

Julie xx