Hormones and Weight Gain After 40 – Don’t Give Into Fat, Frumpy and Grumpy

Hormones and Weight Gain After 40 – I was inspired to write this week when I came across a recent social media comment, that really shocked me – ‘I think for women in 40-55-year-old age group we’ve given up on being able to lose weight, with metabolism & hormone changes through menopause…’

Wow….really! I was totally horrified by the collective acceptance of that comment. It gave me instant visuals of lying on a train track, ready to get severed in half and saying it’s my destiny.

There’s no resignation to fat, frumpiness and grumpiness on my watch!

Hormones and Weight Gain After 40, It’s all so fixable. I do it multiple times a day five days a week – fix, tweak and rebalance hormonal issues. It’s so doable. Having a background in pharmacy and naturopathy, with 25 years experience under my belt, makes it all second nature. And of course, being in this age bracket myself, I do have an appreciation for what this wonderful lady was expressing.

But generally feeling and looking less than great is not OK, nor is it simply a normal sign of ageing. Your hormones are just out of balance and in need of a little TLC or a reboot.

Hormones sweepingly refer to many endocrine organs, which are essentially your thyroid, adrenal, pancreatic and sex hormones.

Here are some signs that will point you in the right direction. And yes, you can often have multiple imbalances….since they are linked in many feedback loops….and we’re not that simple that it’ll be just one thing. Plus, I don’t want to get bored!

Sluggish thyroid problems, often show up as fatigue along with constipation, thinning hair, weight gain you can’t seem to shift, depression, brain fog.

Adrenal problems, involving DHEA, cortisol, often shows up as fatigue and difficulty sleeping, anxiety, weight gain around the middle, craving sugar, irritability, night sweats.

Pancreatic problems or insulin resistance often shows up as expanding waist line, brain fog, dry mouth, variable energy.

Sex hormone problems, involving oestrogen, progesterone, testosterone often shows up as low libido, menstrual changes, hot flushes, PMS, dryness, fibroids (heavy bleeding), irritation, moodiness.

Hormonal serum blood tests, from your doctor, won’t always pick up the problem. Since blood tests only test for total hormones, bound and unbound. We’re interested in unbound hormones since these are the active ones. That’s why salivary hormone testing is a better option for adrenal and sex hormones.

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Things that are constantly messing up your hormones-

  1. Chemicals. Today, we’re chronically exposed to low levels everywhere, in your food, air, water, household cleaners, personal care products and cosmetics. Foods heated in plastics or have had plasticisers and the like added. These can act as pretend hormones and take up the ‘car spaces’ or receptor sites for the real hormones. It’s worth the effort to switch to least toxic, most natural products. Your hormones will love you for it.
  1. Eating lots of sugars and refined carbohydrate products, like cake, biscuits can consistently alter blood sugar levels and change the binding of hormones, so you have, more or less active hormones available.
  1. Not eating enough good fats – avocado, nuts, seeds, olives, coconut oil, fish, leafy greens. These provide the building blocks for hormones. So, throw out the low fat, diet products and get onto the good stuff.
  1. Poor microbiome in your gut. Micro what?….I’ll explain. We have more bacteria in our gut than cells in our body and it changes, according to what we put in our mouth. So, if you eat crap you’re going to get a crap microbiome, which is inflammatory, destructive and drives autoimmune disease and certain cancers. Instead consume the good stuff – fruit, vegetables, fermented foods, such as saukeraut, kefir, kombucha, miso soup and the like. Your bacteria, has a big influence on the processing and recirculation of hormones, that knock things out of balance and can drive certain cancers, PCOS, fibroids and much more.
  1. Lack of or interrupted sleep. By delving into and fixing the causes of this, will do wonders for improving your hormone balance.
  1. Too many stimulants. Sure, they meet a need and give you instant energy, but at what cost. Often thrashing already flailing adrenals and sucking nutrients out of your body to break them down. There are other better ways that lead to a happy, healthier you. CLICK HERE to book in and I’ll work out a plan for you.



After 40, the rules of self-care change. You need to embrace this and re-evaluate your lifestyle. – The Daily Mail

So, don’t ever let me hear those words, I’ve given up and resigned to the fact that I’ll be fat, frumpy and grumpy in my forties, fifties and beyond.

You have a choice. To complain and give up, or take action to move towards feeling fabulous and looking fantastic today, even if you’re over forty. You only have one go at life in this body, so make it count.

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Much love Julie XX