Do you find it hard to slow down, get clear and actually start getting things done?

Inner chaos creates outer chaos.

Feeling Overwhelmed and Depressed = Exhausted female businesswoman doing paper work while sitting at her desk

Feeling Overwhelmed and Depressed – How To Deal With Overwhelm

Here is a powerful 10 minute exercise to help you create total mental clarity and get you out of overwhelm RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW.
Let’s get started….

1. Feeling Overwhelmed and Depressed TOTAL BRAIN DUMP……for the next SIX MINUTES writing down EVERY HAVE TO, SHOULD, NEED TO, WOULD LOVE TO that is floating around in your head and put it all down on a piece of paper. So get writing like a crazy person NOW!

2. LET’S GET SERIOUS ……put a line through everything that is outside your control. Don’t over think it!
For example, I want my mum to love me – strike a line through it. You don’t have control over how another person feels, only yourself.
Or, I want to sell $200,000 of product this year… here define what you have control over…….creating a clear marketing plan and a weekly newsletter.

3. AND FINALLY….. any lukewarm ideas that you are NOT passionate about. CULL THEM!

For example, want to learn a new language but just doesn’t get you excited…..cull it.
Or new project or certain people to catch up with that doesn’t get you bubbling with excitement. LET IT GO!

4. NOW YOU HAVE…… a list of thing in front of you that should EXCITE YOU….. that you want to devote your time to.

5. SO GO AHEAD…..and schedule them in. Then JUST DO IT!
Would love to hear how you went.
If you have any comments just leave them below.

A common symptom of clinical depression is fatigue with the associated feature of lack of interest in normal activities. The individual with depression can feel overwhelmed with the simplest of tasks. Eating, brushing teeth, or showering can present major daily hurdles. The idea of the effort required by CBT can be daunting. – Excel at Life

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