citrus cucumber watermelon drink mt matha naturopath

Wonderfully refreshing afternoon snack and drink. Give it a try or at least share it!

•1 x lemon
•1 x lime
•1 x continental cucumber
•1/2 watermelon
•Bunch fresh mint
•Pellegrino Mineral Water

1.Using a chef’s knife cut the lemon long ways, then cut again to make an even quarter or wedge of lemon.
2.Take a freshly picked lime (small is good as it is sweeter and juicier) and cut in same way as lemon.
3.Gather a fresh continental cucumber, remove end and cut diagonally, 3 slices approximately 3-4mm thick.
4.Now for the fun! Cut watermelon in half, then cut a slice approximately 12-14mm thick and remove rind. Use a star shaped cookie cutter, cut out five stars of watermelon.
5.Take all the above ingredients and place in a hipster jar.
6.Pour over 200ml of sparkling Pellegrino water, and let sit for approximately 30 mins for flavours to meld together.
7.Just before serving add a freshly picked bunch of mint then, using a striped paper straw, sip gently from around 3pm onwards or anytime.