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We often forget to celebrate those things that come to us easily – life, our strengths and so much more.

This is simply a reminder that your life is a glorious gift, in the best times and the worst times. How bored would you be if everything went right all the time…lol!

Think of all the synchronicities that came into being for you to be conceived, born and then survive until now. I love this Buddhist quote, it brings this concept to life.

“It is not easy to be reborn as a human being. It is rarer than for a one-eyed turtle, who rises to the surface only once every hundred years, to push his neck through a wooden yoke with one hole that floats on the surface of the wide ocean.” – Buddha Shakyamuni

When it comes to what really matters, what makes you laugh, what makes you cry, what makes you grieve, what makes you yearn, what makes you delight and rejoice. We all share the same heart. It is really so simple, isn’t it? One Thing To Celebrate Every Day

Experience the things you truly value the most. Spend time doing what lifts you up and brings you, love. Listen to the response of your true self and let your truth guide your next step and then the next and the next. It will make you feel such humility, gratitude and joy to know that you are living the life you are born to live. Without burdens, without extra weight. Just being yourself.

“Our freedom lies in remaining open continuously, not only to life’s changes but also to the divine light within us & others.” – Peter Santos


The richness of life belongs to everyone. To be here is worth celebrating every day and yet richness also creates humility. The mystical English poet, William Blake, once said about his poems, they are mine, yet not mine. In other words, he was aware that inspiration, came through him. He was its recipient, not the one who created it.

In the same way, we are able to be the recovery of truth, freedom and love.

They are qualities that transform us yet we didn’t make them happen. Existence in itself is where truth, freedom and love come from. When you realise this, two things happen.

  1. There is a sense of relief that you can shed this burden. The burden to be good and perfect. The best person, you could possibly be, is completely light and free of any demands.
  2. Comes a new sense of humility, surrounded by a field of infinite possibilities. We cannot be proud or hold ourselves above other people. We have simply found our place in the unending story of human evolution, which has now shifted from physical evolution to a new phase.

In this phase, each person evolves consciously living out a vision of life that reaches as far as we want it to. There will be room for those who choose to conform to conventional values and behaviour. But now more room has been made for people to step onto a spiritual path defined by themselves.

As a wise teacher once said you cannot train yourself to be free. There is no discipline that will liberate you from old wounds, memories and conditioning. What sets us free is the experience of freedom. I am using the word broadly to include the freedom to love, to create and to expand.

With each experience it is only natural that you will want more freedom and in that case your true self will find a way to give you more.

Spirituality comes down to such a simple process. Experience the things you value most, ask inside for more and listen to the response of the true self to guide your next step. Existence was designed to liberate us and our task is to accept such an incredible gift with humility and joy.

So every day I accept the incredible gift of being here.

Remember the best person you can be right now, is who you are right now. And freedom is the feeling that comes when you embrace the lightness and joy of your existence, right this minute.

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What are 3 qualities about your present self that you admire?

How do you find joy in your life, not in the future but as you are living it today?

If an angel came to you and asked how your life is a blessing to yourself and others. What would you reply?

One Thing To Celebrate Every Day