Find a Life Coach Melbourne – How Are Your Beliefs Shaping Your Life?

Everywhere I went this week…..I heard “beliefs”….so had to share a few insights on the subject. I hope it gets you thinking as well.

A belief is a pattern of thoughts—a phrase or message that gets repeated in our minds enough times to make it stick. Like software that runs a computer, your beliefs become the inner operating system that directs the course of your life—whether you’re conscious of it or not.

“Our ability to effectively change a belief, will be largely determined by our level of emotional investment in that particular belief.” – Lifehack

Our most influential beliefs were installed early in life. If you were constantly awarded love and appreciation for giving to others, for example, there’s a good chance those experiences helped form a belief that says, “In order to get love, I must give to others.” Following this rule blindly means you’ll make choices that leave you feeling as though you’re living everyone else’s life but your own.

Messages received from authority figures also form the beliefs that shape our lives. Perhaps you often heard “life is hard” from a significant loved one. That message then became a mandate for living—a rule that wreaked unconscious havoc in your life.

You are hard on yourself, spending long days at the office working through lunch and dinner. Expecting the worst in any given situation and working hard to prepare for it.

Find a Life Coach Melbourne - A mother is late for school and work while rushing with her children for a funny stress concept with a city in the background. There are objects flying away from them.

It can take a brave friend to point out this pattern and for you to realise that this belief is burdening your life. Time to install a new one. Perhaps it could be, “I work smart, not hard, and my life soars.”

Everything changes when you realise you are running the show.

Freedom comes from the realization that the thoughts we think, the words we speak and the actions we take determine our life experiences. And these thoughts, words and actions are birthed from our beliefs—the fundamental rules we live by.

Find a Life Coach Melbourne You’ll Make Yourself Right
Unless you challenge the beliefs that no longer serve you, you’ll continue to prove yourself correct. As long as I believe life is hard, for example, my daily actions will continue to make it so.

This is because our actions align with our beliefs. If for example, you believe that life is filled with problems that need to be solved, you’ll keep creating problems to solve. If you constantly complain to others that no one will hire you at 58 because you’re too old, you’re sure to behave in ways that contribute to your job search woes.

And, if you’re complaining to others, chances are you’re complaining to yourself all day long. This habit will keep your unhelpful belief of being too old firmly rooted in place.

Find a Life Coach Melbourne – Your best life begins when you take back your power by choosing new, life-supporting beliefs.