Artichoke Hummus

Artichoke Hummus


Fancy a dip at a moments notice but want to lose all the cream cheese and fillers you get in so often these days. Here’s your answer. And it’s dairy free, gluten free and vegan. Enjoy with celery or other veggie sticks (zucchini, carrot, cucumber…) or linseed crackers.

Sensational brain food. Did you know your brain is your hungriest organ? It accounts for 2% of body weight, but uses 25% od oxygen we breathe, up to 50% of carbs we eat and 20% of heart’s output of blood. Your brain possesses the capacity to change, and given the right nutrients, it’s ability to function is enhanced. Better food choices can lead to faster neural signalling, and improved focus and learning.

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Are You Suffering From Sensory Overload?

Are You Suffering From Sensory Overload?

 portrait of a tired woman against a wooden wall

Think back over your day so far. How much of it was spent in silence? As in no pumping background music, no chit chat, no incessant mental chatter in your head or a blazing podcast on your headphones. When were you last just in the moment, with the wind on your face appreciating what is with no judgement and feeling truly grateful for the magic of life.

Chances are it’s been a while. It’s a common predicament these days. Often seconds after our alarm goes off, bang we are deep into social media feeds. Listening to music on our commute to work, watching videos at lunch, listening to podcasts on the way home, watching TV during dinner.

Sound familiar? The average person is often deprived of mental and physical silence. We are over-stimulated by a constant bombardment on all our sensory organs. It is the era of sensory overload!

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Chia, Zucchini And Hazelnut Bread With Cashew Nut Butter

Chia, Zucchini And Hazelnut Bread With Cashew Nut Butter

Trying to shake your addiction to bread? Here is a healthy tweek to get you moving in the right direction along with your blood sugar. Make a loaf and freeze it in slices, so it’s out of sight and there if you really need it. Aim for progress not perfection. This will give you lasting results. Add a topping high in good fats, like nut spread or avocado or protein, like hommus or tomato, turkey and sprouts to even out those blood sugars so they’re as smooth as silk!

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Tired, Hungry, Gaining Weight? Want To Learn How To Make It All Stop?

Tired, Hungry, Gaining Weight? Want To Learn How To Make It All Stop?


Have you been feeling tired, hungry and gaining weight? Hitting a wall in the afternoons and feeling “blahhh” more often than not? Maybe waking at night to go to toilet or feeling thirstier than normal?

These can be common signs of insulin resistance.

Did you know it is estimated 500,000 people in Australia suffer from undiagnosed insulin resistance? Most of them are unaware they have it and it just creeps up on them. I over hear them saying things like, “I think I’m just getting old” and leave it at that, like there is nothing you can do about it.

Well, that’s so not true! And it makes me even more determined to teach you otherwise. In truth, it’s a sign, your blood sugar levels are not as good as they should be. You don’t necessarily have diabetes, but you’re well on the way towards it.

Getting your blood sugar sorted, will mean you have less chance of getting diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, gaining weight or not being able to lose it, polycystic ovarian syndrome, breast cancer, and much more.

Good news is, it’s not that hard to manage and heal. Let’s take a look at insulin resistance more closely.

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Mason Jar Chicken Salad

Mason Jar Chicken Salad


Sick of soggy salads and always pushed for time when prepping meals? Well here is a solution to both. Mason Jar Salads are easy, simple and delicious. You can prep up to 4 days ahead when you know the formula.

The how to:

  1. Find a wide mouthed glass jar with a lid. Easy to stack and pour.
  2. Prep a range of salad ingredients, protein of choice and dressing.
  3. Layer one, the liquid zone, 1-4 Tablespoon salad dressing.
  4. Layer two, hard non-absorbent vegetable zone, like baby tomatoes, carrot, green beans.
  5. Layer three, protein zone, chicken, quinoa, fish, chickpea, bean mix, ensure they are cool to avoid cooking other ingredients.
  6. Layer four, absorbent vegetable zone, mushroom, broccoli, beets, cucumber, sprouts, zucchini. Can also add seeds, nuts and cheese here.
  7. Layer five, leafy green zone, spinach, rocket, baby kale, spinach, mixed lettuce.
  8. Store in fridge.
  9. Pour into a bowl to serve or eat it from the jar.

I love to have a variety of ingredients to shake it up a little and create a few variations for the week. Here is just one of them. Have fun, get creative, make it your own.

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