Leave negative thoughts and bad health behind in 2016 and commence the New Year with a replenished you! Get your groove back in 2017 with ‘Feeling Good’ Naturopath Dromana.

Naturopath Dromana – Naturopathy is a fantastic choice for people wanting to really work on the source to their health and well-being problems. Since departing my stressful role in the pharmaceutical drug field, I have been a zealous spokesperson of natural therapy treatments and am devoted to guiding others achieve long-term results when it concerns their health and well-being targets.

Naturopath Dromana

Shake that foggy state of mind, get rid of those excess kilograms and improve your general sense of health and well-being with our customised naturopath Dromana.

My services assist people of any age with any number of health concerns.Spots, rashes, depression, sleeplessness, excess weight, not enough weight – you name it, I see it!

Diagnosing people and helping them in the early stages of ‘unwell’ can reduce the impact on their long-term health, not to mention our Medicare system! I deal in wellness, doctors deal with diseases.

As a naturopath, my aim is to assess your situation, create an amazing program for you and top that off with great guidance and inspiring tools to transform you on your path to wellness.

A healthier YOU is just waiting to be uncovered! And when you feel your healthiest you will experience better results in your job, have more energy and importantly, take pleasure in healthier connections with people who really matter most in your life.

Working with a naturopath can be daunting for some first-timers. You’re not sure what kind of ‘hocus-pocus’ is going to be performed, what is expected of you, or what curly questions might be asked. Well, relax. I can assure you when you visit me, you will feel at ease, calm and in control.

So if you would like to explore a much healthier version of you in 2017, call ‘Feeling Great’ Dromana Naturopaths today and start your quest to enriched health and well-being. Call Julie today on 0438 593 523.


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Feeling Great Naturopath Dromana