Break free from toxic energy and bad health. Begin the New Year with a revitalised you! ‘Feeling Great’ Naturopath Aspendale will help you live a healthier ‘you’ in 2017.

Naturopath Aspendale is an excellent option for those fed up with quick fixes to their health and well-being dilemmas.

People looking for a naturopath in Aspendale are most likely fed up of traditional medicine. Seeking to identify the source to their health issues in a holistic manner.

Whether you’ve just been diagnosed with a medical condition or you just don’t ‘feel yourself’ in a particular area of your health. The right naturopathic consult will determine what treatments are right for you. Helping you on the path to regaining your health.

Naturopathic professionals have a fundamental belief; the body has the ability to heal and regain better health. At Feeling Great, we can apply Naturopathic Medicine and treatment to all health conditions – chronic, acute or aiding prevention of diseases.

Interactions of natural medicines and pharmaceutical drugs will occur, which is why Feeling Great Naturopath is the Clinic for you. The combination of pharmaceutical and naturopath training gives Julie the ultimate edge in getting you on track.  Julie can help decipher the medical jargon and provide a mixed integrative approach or deliver a totally natural one. You decide.

Naturopath Aspendale

“It is a quest I can appreciate first hand; since departing my stressful role in the pharmaceutical drug arena after 10years, I have been an enthusiastic champion of natural therapeutic approaches. Dedicated to assisting others to achieve long-term results, I can relate to their health and well-being aspirations. “Julie Smethurst Director of Feeling Great, Naturopath, Life Coach, Pharmacist. 

Reduce excess kilograms and enhance your general sense of health and well-being with our customised naturopathy solutions Aspendale.

A healthier and stronger YOU means better results in your job and allows for you to take pleasure in well-balanced connections with people who really matter most.

Take charge of your health and well-being. One body, One chance at living – make it count.

Uncover the healthiest version of you in 2017 –
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