Some of our Testimonials & Success Stories

I’ve been big all my life, always the funny big girl… Especially after having my boys.

I’d manage to lose some weight here and there, I would exercise my butt off, and my diet was really good. I was so very frustrated.

I’m sure my personal trainer thought I was telling fibs.

Then I met Julie and my life changed!

After about 6 weeks, the weight started to fall off, I was so excited!

Especially as I didn’t have to change my foods much.

I continue to do my exercise and question what foods I now want in my diet, and have gone from a tight 18 down to a much heather size 12.

Tina Thomas

“After being in Julie’s care for only 8 weeks my energy levels and overall health have improved dramatically. I no longer feel week and exhausted and my constantly fatigued muscles continue to improve in strength and resilience. I have improved so much that I have been able to engage in regular exercise for the first time in years.

Friends and family are also commenting on how well I look. Julie is warm, caring and understanding. She takes time to truly listen to you and work with you holistically to achieve your goals.

I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

Jacqueline, Mt Martha

“Am feeling great have a clear head and loads more energy. I am back to myself, prior to having thyroid problems. Now I can spend a day in garden where as before a few hours I had needed to rest. Over weekend cleaned cupboards pantry and cooked dinner without a rest.”

Wonderful results!! Fantastic welcoming personal sessions!!

I recently visited Julie for a medical condition which was meeting some dead ends after many traditional medical tests and medication. I was recommended to see Julie through a friend and was initially sceptical about natural remedies and the like but after our first meeting I was already on board due to Julie’s warm professional demeanor along with her enormous knowledge of the natural wellness industry.
After some initial testing and conversation about my issues and goals, a program was developed combining dietary and psychological changes along with the use of supplements. After about one month of following our agreed program I was feeling so much better and after another 2 weeks was almost back to 100% wellness. I would recommend Julie to anyone who has any health or wellbeing issues or anyone who just wants to feel a bit better about their lifestyle Julie can help. I now organise my own dietary program along with breathing techniques and enjoyable interests outside my normal life that result in a happier healthier person.

Thankyou so much Julie


Thanks for all your help. I’m so glad I met you Julie and you are helping me. I would be a sleeping mess without you.”

“It’s been a tough gig at times and have been battling a little of late. Your words and passion for what you do were so uplifting and motivating and its so great to meet someone on the same page. So thank-you for the boost, education and for keeping me on track.”