How to Get a Bikini Body – 9 Ways To Keep You On Track To Rockin A Bikini This Summer 

Don’t shriek “ohhh me I couldn’t wear a bikini!” You so can.

Great way to get your vitamin D levels up for winter and fast forward 20 years from now & look back – you so know I’m right!

You only get one go in this body. Embrace it all and have fun.

Summer’s finally here for us Melbournites. Whhoooo!


9 tips to keep you on track to sizzling this summer, read more on how to get a bikini body:

1. Limit yourself to one alcoholic heart starter per event at your Christmas bashes. Start with a sparkling mineral water and finish with many. Keeps you hydrated and reduces sugars and kilojoules.

Best alcoholic options are vodka, lime, and soda or gin and tonic. More hydrating, fewer chemicals and fewer kilojoules. Plus less catch-up workouts to even out the kilojoules in, kilojoules out.


2. Deep belly breathing and body scan check-ins (3, 5 or 10 min) three time a day for 5 minutes. Set a reminder on your phone. Resets you to reduce the overwhelm and anxiety that raises cortisol levels that prevent fat loss.

Plus, it just makes the journey of life more enjoyable and soul nurturing. No use rushing through life to get to the end and say “is this it?”. Enjoy the journey….life is too short not to make the most of every moment.


3. Move often. Absolute minimum of 20 minutes exercise per day. You can do extra if you want to. I mostly opt for 30-45 minutes. Place an emphasis on strength with some cardio and stretch to give you the best toned sizzling results. Strength may include pilates, yoga, circuit training, therabands, HIIT (high-intensity interval training), weights, your own body resistance. Youtube is packed with routines or schedule in a few classes with a fabulous PT or group classes. I supercharge this with a 2 hour five rhythms dance class once a week as well……great for the soul. I just love to dance wildly!


4. Fibre is your friend. Great for detoxing, keeping you out of the hunger zone and it’s packaged in nature with lots of great nutrients. Choose to add an abundance of vegetables and fruit to your daily meals. Fresh is best and organic or home grown is even better. Love my fresh herbs, leafy greens and seasonal produce from the garden. Schedule in time to prep your green smoothies and mason jar salads to set you up for success each week. This is a huge step on how to get a bikini body.


5. Water, water, water – keep hydrated for your best energy, detoxification and normalising your appetite. Add sliced grapefruit, cucumber, mint or the like to your water to turn up the taste factor.


6. Rev up the results with a Jason Vale 3, 5 or 7-day juice fast. Available on phone app. Will kick start a cleanse as the temperature soars. Remember to reduce the intensity of your exercise when you do these, get heaps of sleep and a good quality omega 3 laden oil, such as Udo’s oil, fish oil or the like. I recently did one, had minimal hunger and felt fantastic. I did have to sleep more though. Slip one in over the weekend or during the week to reset your hunger.


7. How to get a bikini body? Self-love. The antidote for emotional eating. If you’re a giver you need topping up regularly. You can only give out what overflows. Schedule in daily fill up time, it could be as little as 20 minutes a day. It all counts. I personally, love to hit the beach after a grocery shop for a 20-minute walk or swim to reset the system before transitioning back into domestic. Works a treat. If you don’t live by the beach it may be a park walk. Nature is a great filler up and “balancer”. Schedule in a cheeky little massage or a new outfit to top up the self-love tank.


8. Reduce hunger and blood sugar highs and lows with good quality protein and fats – chicken, fish, seafood, tofu, nuts, legumes, beef, avocado, nuts at most meals.


9. Establish morning and evening rituals that set a certain standard to how you are going to show up each day. You are a series of patterns, so make them great, self sustaining, soul nurturing ones that are headed where you want to go. No use thinking or dreaming of a certain outcome and committed to the actions of a totally different outcome.

On waking I do a 15 minute meditation and deep breathing session, then have 800ml water once my feet hit the floor, then exercise 30 minutes, then breakfast, which will have a green smoothie in it. Much better than rolling out of bed and flying into the shower with no time for breakfast to sit in traffic for 45 minutes on the way to work. How you start the day is how it keeps going.


Hoping you have more clarity as to how to get the sizzle back this summer. If you need any help come see me at my Mt Martha rooms or schedule in a phone or skype appointment. Book here.

If you like it share it. Do you have a secret weapon on how to get a bikini body? Love to hear it, just comment below.