Lack of Energy – 9 Most Common Energy Zappers To Let Go Of

Lost your mojo? Feel like you’re running on empty Do you have a Lack of Energy?

Are you filling your life with things that just don’t work for you – clutter, perfection, procrastination, bad relationships, soul destroying self-talk, poor food choices….

One in five people complain they are constantly exhausted and lethargic – Daily Mail

Here are the 7 most common energy zappers, with tips on how to let them go for something better.

  1. Lack of sleep –Getting enough zzzz’s is a priority. Good intentions are not enough. Schedule it in, make it happen. Our individual sleep needs vary significantly. So, what’s your magic number? Synchronise this with your circadian rhythm and feel refreshed, recharged and buzzing. Remember the hours before midnight are the most restorative.


  1. Processed Foods – Nutrient poor, dead food reeks havoc on our energy. Real, vital, whole foods are our fuel of choice by evolution. Fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, lean meat, legumes, and whole grains. So bring the balance back. Increase fresh, real foods in your diet. Click here for recipe tips.


  1. Lack of Exercise – Generally we move too little & eat too much. Let’s get the balance back. Increasing blood flow clears out the waste and oxygenates our cells. Helps us to think clearer, increases our energy and makes us present. Most importantly weight bearing exercise increases our battery size. More muscles, more cellular energy factories. Daily exercise is key. Anything upwards of 10 minutes to gain benefits, of course, the shorter, the more intense it needs to be.


  1. Dehydration – when you are low on life sustaining water, blood flow to your organs and your biochemistry just slows down. Remember we are 70% water. As a rough rule 8 glasses, a day is a good benchmark. Increase with heat or exercise. In winter, factor in warmth with caffeine free teas and soups. Remember caffeine drinks (coffee, tea, green tea) make you lose water, so ideally limit to one daily.


  1. Constantly overscheduled – Everyone needs time to recharge in some form. Holidays, minibreaks, lunch breaks….. Block out time to just breathe & take stock. Or perhaps read a book, walk along the beach, catch up with soul nourishing friends, have fun. Ideally, block out time for nourishing daily rituals like 10 minute meditation.


  1. Not Enough Oxygen – Shallow breathing or holding your breathe, slows energy production in your body. Deep breathing oxygenates, calms the nervous system and moves toxin containing lymph out of the body. Make it a habit to breathe deeply for 10 breaths often throughout the day…..set reminders….I dare you.


  1. Disempowering mindset or lack mentality – Have you hooked into your dreams and assigned some dates. Even if you don’t make it there, you are heading in the right direction. A pull mentality is energizing compared to a push one, that feels like constant pressure. Visualise your goals already done daily and hook into your why. Immerse yourself in gratitude for where you are, but have a clear vision of where you want to go. Perfection, procrastination and lack of clarity are energy zapping. Opt for progress and action in the rough direction of your dreams.


  1. Toxic people can cause lack of energy – People who are negative, draining and pessimistic leave you feeling like a washed out rag. Limit your time in these encounters. Opt for nourishing, positive, energy giving encounters. Life’s too short.


  1. Lack of essential nutrients and disease – When was the last time you had a blood test? If you are constantly tired, recover poorly from exertion or ache constantly. It may be time to test your B12, iron, thyroid stimulating hormone, vitamin D, liver function and inflammatory markers (CRP, ESR). Book in for a consult and I can get this sorted for you… specialty.