How to Stop Feeling Hungry all The Time – 8 Steps To Resetting Your Appetite

Are all the chocolates, mince pies and left over delights from xmas in your house calling your name? Are you wondering How to Stop Feeling Hungry all The Time?

Like when you put your feet up after dinner? When you sit at computer mid- afternoon? Or is it all day every day?

Feeling starving, stomach grumbling? Yet you’re eating loads more than usual. The waistband is tightening and you’re starting to feel a bit spongy everywhere, especially that butt and thighs.

It’s like you’ve turned the food indulgence knob to high and you’re finding it hard to switch it down again. You know it’s got to happen, but you’re still gathering the willpower.

You may even be attempting a reset as we speak.

How do I know? Well, don’t worry I’ve been there many times.

And no matter how I try to justify it….you can overdose on organic Dark chocolate. Damn it!

How do you reset back to simplicity after being tantalised by the heavenly tastes and delights of the festive season?

Here are 7 tips to resetting your appetite and making those numbers on your scales go down:

1. Maximise your water

Hunger can be thirst disguised. Aim for an absolute minimum of 2 litres a day or more, especially if it’s a hot day or you are upping the exercise.

Light coloured urine is a better indicator.

Sparkling mineral water, caffeine free herbal teas are included. Note, green tea, sencha, oolong, jasmine and matcha tea all contain caffeine.

If you want to keep the “ghrelin gremlins” at bay, stretch your stomach with low caloric density food.  In other words, drinking water with your meals, eating high fiber foods, or just filling your stomach with lots of vegetables can fill your stomach to suppress ghrelin and keep you at a healthy weight. – Dr John Day

2. Increase vegetables and fruit.

Green smoothies are an easy way to do this. First thing in the morning and mid-afternoon if a cake/chocolate longing circles in your thoughts. Find the recipe HERE.

Packed with fibre and nutrients it crowds out the undesirables. I liken it to a mini cleanse.

Otherwise or in addition amp up the salads, stir-fries, soups…..crowd the rubbish instead of denying yourself.

Want to go further in cleanse department? Why not reset with my in-house 14-day express detox or cleanse for the new year. CLICK HERE to book in for return 30 min consult to get started.


3. Clear out cupboards.

Sweep through and rid yourself of all temptations….yes all of them.

In your weak moments (we all have them), they’ll haunt you.

So you can thank me in advance.

Gift your surplus to neighbours, friends, work colleagues.

Make someone smile, because you know you won’t be smiling when you try on that new outfit you bought pre-Xmas…. if you keep eating them.


4. Emergency sweet craving tip

All you can think about is chocolate…..there’s one box in the house, you’ve secretly stashed for an emergency.

You’re contemplating ripping the box open and devouring the contents.

Here’s what to do:

Option A: Cut 1 orange into quarters & consume ASAP.

Craving still there….repeat…..have as many as you like. This is an emergency after all.

Now drink 2 glasses of water to seal the deal.

Option B: Raw chocolate mousse or Hot chocolate. These are whole food versions of a chocolate fix. So much better for you, if you can’t shake that chocolate monkey off your back.

TIP: When you fight a craving it gives it energy. It is much better to dance with it. So sort of give it what it wants but tweak it towards the good side. Take it a little further each time.


5. Get active

Time to burn off those calorie rich delights and get the blood pumping.

Options to get you started:

  • Walk at least 20 minutes fast (more is better & hills even better)
  • Bike ride (higher heart rate the better – hills are good)
  • Kayak
  • Pilates – class or you-tube, start at 15 Mins
  • Yoga – class or youtube
  • HIIT workout
  • Circuit training


6. Eat until 80% full

Use good fats like avocado, nuts, seeds and protein (chicken, fish, tofu, eggs, seafood, nuts) to increase that full sensation for longer.

If you try to eat only salad, you’ll be hungry in an hour and wide open to cravings again.


7. Swap for better options

Always err more to savoury end, so you don’t get on the sugar rat wheel. Turn the sweetness dial on your taste buds down.

  • Craving sweets SWAP for fresh fruit or sweet vegetable, such as carrot.
  • Craving cakes, biscuits SWAP for hummus dip & veggie sticks or guacamole & plain corn chips.
  • Craving bread SWAP slice meat wrapped in a lettuce leaf.


8. Get enough sleep

Ideally 8 hours, but can vary for different people. If you’re tired, you’re going to a reaching for anything to top up your energy – caffeine, sugar, bread, biscuits.

Why make it harder for yourself?

Plus, honour your circadian rhythm, which means getting to bed ideally 10pmish if not before. Don’t kid yourself that you can stay up to 1 am and sleep to 9 am and it’s all sweet. It’s not the same. We’re built to follow nature’s cycles. Try following rhythm sunset and sunrise as best as possible, you’ll feel amazing!


Yes, it’ll be challenging initially. But nothing harder than anything else in life, you haven’t already done many times before.

Taste buds change….hang in there. In a few days, you’ll be through that “terror barrier” of change. It’ll get more familiar and comfortable. Trust me. I know you can do it. Carry out these steps and you will no longer be asking yourself – “How to Stop Feeling Hungry all The Time?”

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