Heart pounding, dry mouth, rising heat, doom gripping you in a vice…..we’ve all experienced these feelings….it’s anxiety.

Sure, there’s all shapes and sizes, it can come and go quickly or hang around like a bad smell. Maybe the intensity is ramping up or it’s happening way to often for your liking and at times for no apparent reason.

Yes, anxiety can be the result of unhealthy thought patterns, disempowering meanings and poor focus. But, it can also come from our biochemistry. And we can have multiple things going on at once.

So, if anxiety’s striking way too often and it’s out of proportion with the trigger or for no apparent reason. Here’s eight questions to ask yourself:

1. How much caffeine, sugar or MSG am I partaking in?

What’s your caffeine count been lately? Now, one shot equals one cup and it includes coffee, tea, chocolate, matcha tea, green tea, coke, red bull and much more. And when are you drinking them….late, early, grouped together? Personally, caffeine has a huge effect on my heart rate and anxiety levels, so I’m a herbal tea kinda gal.

Sugar….mmmm….this can get your blood sugar levels ducking and weaving all over the place, especially if there’s been on an emotional-eating chocolate binge, lolly frenzy or cake/biscuit/bread junket or perhaps the hot chips. When you’re here you’re anxious, indecisive, scattered and just plain unproductive. Aim to increase your vegetables and proteins (chicken, fish, nuts, seeds, tofu, beans, beef) to anxiety proof your blood sugar levels. Craving crap, opt for more wholefood versions of sweet, such as an orange compared to a chocolate biscuit.

MSG is also an anxiety creator in many. How do you pull up after a Chinese meal? Opt for Japanese or Thai it’ll save you a lot of angst.


2. Is my anxiety related to what I eat or certain meals?

Food intolerances, immediate or delayed can increase your heart rate and give you all the symptoms of anxiety. I see it often in my clinic and people have been put on anti-depressants by their doctor. It makes me cringe!

All that’s needed is a simple blood test to ID the offending foods and then we reset your system with a simple 6 week program. Anxiety free for good and a whole lot wiser. It often runs in families. So, getting your health sorted can help the rest of your family. Sounds like a win-win to me!


3. Are my hormones out of balance?

Is your PMS driving you crazy and everybody around you? Are hot flushes, night sweats and brain fog creeping in? Can’t think clearly and everything’s taking three times as long, memory’s shot, it’s driving you crazy and wearing you out? No wonder you’re feeling anxious.

Your hormonal system is simplistically your adrenals, thyroid, sex hormones and pancreas, which all feedback onto each other. Have a problem in one area, it affects the rest. Is it time to reset your hormones?

Did you know environmental pollutants, plastics, food additives and much more affect your hormones? Is it time to clear out the rubbish, so your body can work properly. Love to help!


4. How much wine and alcohol have you been partaking in?

Anxiety can happen from a sensitivity to preservatives, histamine, sulphites, gluten and other ingredients in your beverage of choice. Or it can be a by-product of a hangover and the sugar highs and lows….alcohol is a sugar after all!


5. Have I been smoking or around people who are smoking?

Trying to give up? Social smoker? Got a bit crazy and ended up puffing away with your mates?Or just been hanging out in the plumes of smoke with friends?

Nicotine increases your heart rate and can create anxiety. Is it time to kick out the cigarettes once and for all? Time to open the windows and get some fresh air?


6. Are you exhausted, sleep-deprived or getting sick?

Sleep deprivation is overwhelming and anxiety’s best friend. Make it a priority to unplug from technology (TV, ipad, computer, phone) at least an hour before bed, set an alarm on your phone and disconnect. Use that hour to fill yourself up – hot bath, read a book, meditation, yoga stretches, journal – have fun!

Too much social media is exhausting and increases anxiety. You’re brain needs a rest from information overload. Make time to breathe and get present. You’ll feel so much better.

Please honour your circadian rhythm and start punching out the zzz’s no later than 10pm. You’re body will love you for it and anxiety will be a thing of the past. And sleep will supercharge your immune system so you get sick less often.


7. Are you having gut problems?

Brain-gut connection is powerful. Did you know 80% of your serotonin is in your gut? Yes, all those antidepressants altering your serotonin levels may be unnecessary when you address your gut issues? Something to think about!

Constipated, reflux, bloated, gassy or diarrhoea? Time to get it sorted and turn down the anxiety meter.


8. How long since you had your essential nutrients tested?

Iron, B12, magnesium, zinc, omega-3- fatty acids, selenium have a huge impact on anxiety levels by altering your neurotransmitters and nervous system function. Imagine that, your anxiety was a sign you’re running low on certain ingredients….you listened to the warning indicators, topped it up and now you’re running like a dream again! Priceless.


So, the next time you’re experiencing anxiety and can’t seem to talk yourself out of it, see if any of these factors might be coming into play. Need help to sort it out CLICK HERE to book online at Feeling Great Mt Martha. Skype, phone or in-person appointments available. Make today the first step to getting anxiety free for good.