How can I maintain all the healthy lifestyle and dietary changes that I am learning and doing?

Maintaining Healthy Habits - healthy lifestyle sports woman running on wooden boardwalk sunrise seaside

Maintaining Healthy Habits – Such a burning question for so many!

Yes, Maintaining Healthy Habits, it can all feel a tad overwhelming at times but in my experience, the most successful people are those that maintain momentum through daily and weekly rituals.

So here are some key mindset fundamentals to guarantee success for you.

1. Aim for progress NOT perfection. Small consistent changes in the right direction are key. It is about renovating old ‘health draining’ habits and making them over with new, health-sustaining ones.

2. Celebrate your successes often – daily, weekly. This can be easier if you record what you do or have an accountability buddy. Ie, weekly or monthly weigh-in & measurements, food and exercise diary….

3. Identify your key habits that keep you on track, energized and raring to go. Ie, getting enough sleep (in bed by 10 pm), exercising daily, planning meals and cook ups for the week each Sunday.

4. Use motivation to set up a habit and momentum to maintain the flow by getting into nourishing daily rituals. Ie, 2 glasses water on rising, exercise before breakfast.

5. Lose the excuses and the stories. If you fall off the wagon, dust yourself off and get straight back up there. This is building your resilience and persistence – amazing life-affirming qualities.

6. Not working for you. Find another way. There are many paths to the same outcome. Have an injury or setback, modify to accommodate it and keep going. Momentum is key.

7. Visualize what you are heading for daily. Hook into the feeling of being there, put a name to it. Is it strong, vibrant, energized, clear………? Now hook into this feeling often. The destination gives you something to aim for, but it is the person who you become along the way that really matters.

Research suggests that achieving and maintaining a healthy weight takes a long-term commitment. Rapid weight loss is more likely to be temporary. It also puts you at greater risk of regaining the weight you lost, plus more.

You need to focus on what works in the long run. This means viewing healthy habits not as something you adopt for a few months, but as ongoing changes to your lifestyle. – Australian Government – Department of Health

Do you do anything different Maintaining Healthy Habits? Let us know in the comment section below.