Us humans are such complicated beings, it’s no wonder we become overwhelmed and confused when we think we are doing something right, yet the results show the opposite.

[ezcol_1half]The Wellness Wheel, have you heard of it?

Do you know its benefits?

How can it help you?

There are many variations of this tool and let me tell you it’s definitely an invaluable method to help you manage your everyday struggles and to gain an understanding of different areas of your life.[/ezcol_1half] [ezcol_1half_end]7 steps to finding your truth empowerment[/ezcol_1half_end]

I have dedicated over 15 years to growing my spirituality and in the last 5 years, empowering myself. I have created my own holistic version of this wheel which looks at all aspects of your life. It has been a critical tool in my business to help others on the journey we call life.

My purpose for creating what I termed The Wholistic Wellness Wheel, was to empower my clients and for them to take responsibility for their actions in between sessions.

This tool is used to help identify what area of their life needs some love. They need to, however, WANT to move forward and change things for the better in their lives and do the work.


Sometimes it’s not so pretty… self-love can be raw and ugly before it’s beautiful… but worth it in the long run. It’s about accepting all aspects of yourself, the good, the bad and the ugly.


It can be confronting, however the freedom and power you feel when you overcome these obstacles in your life is indescribable. It’s time to gain back the control and power in your life.

When we have an awareness to all the different aspects of our lives, and when we prioritise ourselves the time to notice what no longer serves us, we can see what we need and where the love is needed. It’s so important to love you and your own life before you can help others.

Having the realisation YOU have the power to change things, understanding that all things are temporary and not the end of world.  By all means this is not about having blinkers on and pretending all is well when in reality it’s not.

Always be true to yourself, honesty is always the best policy.

What do you want? What is the feeling you want to feel?

Use this as an anchor so that when things seem bad, you give yourself permission to feel it, acknowledge it. This is not an invitation to unpack your suitcase and get comfortable, it’s actually to take the rubbish out and take it to the tip.  This is the moment you release it and then strive towards your good feeling and being the best you can be.


The Wholistic Wellness Wheel is a tool for your own self enquiry. So, for each aspect of your life you can ask yourself the following questions….


1. Physical – This is our instinct

Do you feel safe?

Do you feel secure financially?

Do you have unresolved family matters?

Are you getting enough exercise?


2. Emotional – Our emotions

Do you react negatively to things?

Do you assume the worst from others and events?

Do you have a short temper?

Do you acknowledge feelings that arise – both positive and negative?


3. Social – Our personal power

Do you expect others to make you happy?

Do you stand up for yourself?

Do you make time for your family and friends?


4. Environmental – Our compassion

Do you feel ‘scattered’ regularly?

Do you blame others for where you are in your life?

Physically, mentally, spiritually


5. Occupational – Our truth

Do you love your job?

What are your hobbies?

Do you offer great advice?

Do you walk your talk?

How do you talk to yourself?


6. Intellectual – Our intuition

Is there a topic you would love to learn about?

When was the last conversation you had that fired you up?

Do you doubt yourself?

Do you contemplate others opinions?

Are you open to or do you fish for a different point of view?


7. Spiritual – Our awareness

Are you aware of your breath?

Do you believe in something bigger than yourself?

Are you always busy physically and/or mentally?

Use this as a starting point and if you find yourself in a place where you can’t find the answer to something or you feel blocked, always ask for help, use your words don’t hold things in.

No question is silly, and every question is valid.  It’s your journey, your life, and we are so privileged to have so many therapists chosen to be experts to help you through these times.  Holistic Healers, Energy Workers, Nutritionists, Naturopaths, Kinesiologists, the list is endless. These practitioners can help guide you, YES, GUIDE you, and remember you have the power, no one else can fix what you have going on.

As we are complicated beings, that means our happiness comes in an array of different forms and our paths to get there can be many and varied. Be brave and try as many as you can. You’re not alone.

It will take time and work, but aren’t you worth that?     Let me answer that for you.


Yes, you’re worth it.

With Love and deep respect, Emily xx


Emily Pettigrew is a Self Care and Relaxation Specialist. Her passion is to bring the CALM, STRONG, HAPPY and EMPOWERED woman she knows you are back into your world. Offering Lomi Lomi massage, Reiki healing and Handcrafted bath salts and sprays to support and nurture your body, mind and soul. Click here to find out more, book online or purchase products. 

When we start filling up our own cup, we bring in Happiness, Harmony and Healing to our world.

PS. Emily & I will be offering a series workshops on Self Care topics and strategies later this year. Love to hear about what you’d like a workshop on?