Nutrition choice and diet decision concept and eating choices dilemma between healthy good fresh fruit and vegetables or greasy cholesterol rich fast food with two hands holding food trying to decide what to eat.

Let’s face it in between kids, work, social and family obligations, the average day can feel a bit crazy at times. This is why organising yourself in advance can take the pressure off.

There is nothing worse than arriving home from work starving and desperately searching through the cupboards for something to throw together.

When you’re prepared, you’ll fuel your body right and breeze through even the craziest days with energy and positivity.

Even a little planning can help you in a big way. So just start somewhere and improve over time.

Prepared food can often run out mid-week, so your options are either freestyle simpler recipes for remainder of the week, call on freezer stocks or leftovers or do a quick re-prep of some basics.

Prep does take a few hours, but is more than worth it & you can reclaim that time during the week.

It can free up loads of time and energy to kick goals in other areas of your life. And save you money in the long run.

Top meal prepping tips are –

  1. Get armed with a weekly meal plan (breakfast, snacks, lunch and dinner) and grocery list.
  2. Food shop the day before you prep meals. It can be a little overwhelming if you do both in the same day.
  3. Stock up on a good range of containers that fit together for ease of storage, especially when space is tight.
  4. Work out what can be prepped ahead of time. Sometimes it can be the whole meal, other times only a portion.
  5. Decide what meals need to be organised to have the greatest impact on your day. Such as breakfast, if you are always running late.


Tips for breakfast:

Green Smoothie – pack ingredients in snap lock bag ready to blend or make night before.
Quinoa porridge – precook whole bag of quinoa & freeze or have fresh in portion sizes, prep ingredients in saucepan in fridge ready for stovetop reheat.
Chia porridge – make night before or add chia seeds to prepped liquid in morning.
Tips for lunch:

• Pre-make salad in mason jar.
• Leftovers from dinner.
• Soup made on Sunday.
• Frozen prepaid meal or frozen leftovers.

Love to hear if you have some great meal prepping tips or recipes you adore. Just comment below.